Leigh's letter read. . . "Dear Elisabeth, I'm so happy to find you here in CyberSpace! I read your book, Soul Trek - so inspiring and also confirming of my own beliefs and experience that our children come to us spiritually before they're actually born! I loved it so much I facilitated a group discussion at my Mothering Friends Meeting on the subject and used your book as an example. I have to tell you there were near-wrestling-matches afterward, so many of my friends wanted to borrow the book at once! Several went right out and bought their own copies. Most of the women who attended had experiences of some type of contact with their children before birth.

"I do want to share my own experiences with you. . ."

The Souls Who Have "Treked" Me Down!

by Leigh Morris Jarvis

My oldest son, Greg, is almost eight. I had no pre-conception contact with him but I felt his soul "enter" my body at the moment of conception. My husband and I were at a baseball game when out of nowhere I began to feel shaky, nervous and quite frankly -- electrified. My face flushed and I sensed a trembling sensation throughout my body. It was something akin to the feelings you have when you first fall in love but much stronger.

At first I thought I must be having a heart attack. It took about fifteen seconds for my mind to realize what my body already knew -- I was pregnant. I'm convinced that this is the moment the sperm "found" the egg! My husband looked over at me to speak but stopped short, even he noticed something different! He said, "What's wrong?" I was afraid he would think I was losing it if I told him I'd just felt our child enter my body so I said, "Nothing." It was after Greg's birth that I told him what I thought had happened.

The funny thing is I did tell my mother about it right after I confirmed the pregnancy. She said she had dreamt while still in high school of her children. She saw them (us) standing together in front of my childhood home. We looked just as we did at the ages of six and eight.

When Greg was born I "recognized" him immediately. I thought, "Of course! It's you."

With my second child, I suffered from secondary infertility. I remember the first time I sensed Will's spirit though -- it was a full fifteen months before he was conceived. I was sitting in my living room watching a storm brew outside and I felt his soul ride in with the thunder. All of a sudden he was just "there." That night I asked my husband if we could try for another baby. I could sense Will's spirit perched in a maple tree outside my bedroom window. It was as if he was watching us, trying to decide if he should come.

Last spring Willy pointed to that same maple tree and said, "Me, Mama... Me!" I think he remembers because he's still so young.

As the months wore on and I didn't get pregnant I became very depressed because I "knew" he was there. He reacted by laughing at me for all my melodrama. He seemed very unattached emotionally, although he obviously cared about us or he wouldn't have stuck around for fifteen months! He finally "sneaked up" on me the exact month that I had decided to give up and let him go. It was interesting to me that I did not have the "electrified" feeling this time. I had fully expected it again.

I had several dreams of twins and one dream of holding my baby daughter as she died and begging people to do something for her. Late in my first month I bled heavily for a week and was told I would probably miscarry. I remained pregnant but I wonder if someone else came with Will (moral support maybe?) but left before birth.

A psychic (with no knowledge of any of this) has since told me that Will was a reluctant soul and still (at age two) has not made up his mind to stay. Many people have said they were appalled that the psychic told me this. On the contrary, I am empowered by the knowledge of it. I have made my wishes known to Will and I am in awe of the sacrifice he made for me because I was in so much pain for the want of him. He is a happy though uncommunicative child.

We are now trying for Number Three. Several months ago I lit a Sun candle and prayed and meditated for a baby girl with a spirit as warm and bright as the sun. I got specific (and maybe a little cocky) and asked that I be sent a child to teach me about nature and its cycles -- someone who loved the beauty of Mother Earth. (John Denver with long curly hair and a vulva!) Days later I meditated on this "daughter" and drew a card from my Angel Blessings deck. The card was Ariel -- the guardian angel of nature! I cried at the purity of her contact.

There is an Impressionistic painting above my bed which has hung there for some eight years now. A few weeks ago I looked up at it and there was a little girl in the painting that I had never seen before -- and I look at that painting every day. I thought -- could it be? I asked her to send me a sign: a dime if she was coming soon and a penny if she was there but not coming soon. One week later (to the day) I put my hand into the pocket of my pants (knit pants, the pockets had been inside out when I took them out of the dryer and hung them up. I had just put them on five minutes before) and felt it. I knew it was her but when I pulled it out, it was a bright, shiny, 1997 copper penny!! I was like, "Shouldn't this be a dime?!" I was disappointed but still hopeful -- I'm looking for her every day.

-- January 1998

Leigh Morris Jarvis is a full time mother, budding wordsmith and proudly claims the title of home-maker. She writes a page for the monthly newsletter "Mothering Friends Times" titled "The Empress Within." Her column celebrates the strength, power and sanctity of women and the collective feminine consciousness. She shares a home with her husband and sons in rural Virginia.

Postscript - Autumn 1998: Leigh writes joyfully to announce the birth of Caroline Kristina on October 15, 1998. She says: "It's still amazing to me. I really felt that I was having a little girl and that I knew 'who' she was but I didn't let myself believe it completely until the end. I didn't want to have trouble bonding or be disappointed if I'd had another little boy. Even my mother found herself doing this same sort of 'protecting.' Now it's just like waves of joy and love... hope I drown soon!" To read the amazing story of Caroline's birth, this link will take you to an article by Leigh on another website!

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