The experience of Pre-Birth Communication opens the door to a whole world of speculation and wonder. It leads us to consider the reality of life before birth, and even the possibility of existence before conception. We glimpse patterns and meanings that may change our very ideas of life and death.

The way we see our children may also begin to change. Suppose that our children existed before this life they share with us -- what are the implications? These and other subjects will be explored here. If you enjoy Elisabeth's articles, you may wish to read her books, Soul Trek and Stories of the Unborn Soul, where you will find more information and many more true stories of pre-birth communication.

Articles by Elisabeth Hallett

Exploring the Mystery of Pre-Birth Communication This article is a good place to start exploring

The Grandparent Connection   Ever more relevant as I get older!


Guest Articles


 "I Was Supposed to Die on November 17"   Remarkable connections with future grandchildren!


Here to Help: A Conversation with Kerri Lake


A Story of Faith, by Kara L.C. Jones. A dream brings comfort in a time of grieving

Mother-Baby Bonding Before Birth  by Penny Chang


Communicating With Your Unborn Child by Teresa Robertson, RN, CNM, MSN

The Mother Link by Cassandra Eason: stories of maternal intuition in action.


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