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What's New -- takes you to the most recent additions

Elisabeth Hallett -- introducing myself

A Poetry Page - featuring "Still Mystified: the Poems in my Life"

STORIES OF THE UNBORN SOUL: The mystery and delight of Pre-Birth Communication

Excerpt from Chapter One, "The Shiver Sign"


SOUL TREK: Meeting Our Children on the Way to Birth

From the Introduction

SOUL TREK Table of Contents -- with a story to enjoy

IN THE NEWBORN YEAR: Our Changing Awareness after Childbirth

From the Introduction

Excerpt -- a moving story of bonding

Pre-Birth Communication 


Treasury of Resources -- reviews, excerpts and links

Index of Articles -- pre-birth communication, life before life

Exploring the Mystery of Pre-Birth Communication - an introductory article

Angels We Have Met Within - inner wisdom, or a visitation?

Here to Help: A Conversation with Kerri Lake

Mother-Baby Bonding Before Birth - by Penny Chang

Communicating With Your Unborn Child - by Teresa Robertson, RN, CNM, MSN

The Mother Link - a sample of stories from Cassandra Eason's research

A Story of Faith - by Kara L.C. Jones

Letters -- sharing your experiences and insights

Clippings -- a harvest of items from the media on pre-birth communication

Currents - announcements and items of interest

Postpartum Rainbow

Introduction -- to a fresh look at the bonding/newborn time

Connectedness -- the wider reaches of bonding

"All My Senses Were Heightened" -- surprising changes after childbirth

Changing Mind -- the best-kept secret of the postpartum time

The Sea of Emotion -- support bonding, for a more peaceful world!

New Spaces In Our Psyches -- intuition and psychic awareness in newborn time

Rainbow Letters -- readers share experiences and insights

Links -- to interesting websites

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