Elisabeth Hallett ~ Introducing Myself

Hello! I'm a person motivated by curiosity about our most mysterious experiences. I'm fascinated by altered states of consciousness, prenatal contacts, near-death visions ~ every kind of inter-dimensional communication. I look to these realms for clues to life's inner workings and the secrets of our own nature. As an independent researcher, I believe in our potential to make valuable discoveries by sharing and exploring our own experiences.

My background includes a degree in Psychology. I've been a Registered Nurse, then a teacher of Yoga. The past thirty years have been filled with the adventure of researching and writing In The Newborn Year (1992), Soul Trek: Meeting Our Children on the Way to Birth (1995), and Stories of the Unborn Soul (2002)

I want to announce my new career as a freelance editor and proofreader! Contact me if you're interested in these services ~ I'm affordable and love to work with writers to polish your work before publication. I offer a free sample edit of a portion of your manuscript ~ no strings attached.

You can write to me directly at soultrek@montana.com. I hope you enjoy your visit to the Light Hearts website! 

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