Excerpt from Chapter One, Stories of the Unborn Soul


The Shiver Sign

The story began. . .

A few months ago, my fiance and I were lying in bed and simply relaxing. We began kissing and were both inspired to move on to bigger and better activities. All of a sudden, I had the most beautiful, warm, and tingly feeling. I knew that I had felt a child, our child, in the room with us. I immediately stopped Rob and said, "If we make love right now, we are going to have a baby." I was surprised when he replied, "I know." We felt very similar things and at the same time. It was like a wash of a loving, powerful, and familiar presence over us. . .

As I read Jill's story, a shivery tingle rippled over me. I've come to think of that shiver as a rush of recognition--the soul's "Yes!" response to something that rings true, something that feels electric with meaning. Since I began exploring Pre-Birth Communication almost twenty years ago, I've been privileged to receive hundreds of shiver-inducing stories from people around the world.

What is Pre-Birth Communication? It is the sense of contact with a child yet to be born. The contact may come in a dream, a vision, an inner voice, a hovering presence, or in many other ways. What's central is the feeling that we have touched and been touched by another consciousness, an unborn soul. These experiences are mysterious, joyful, and deeply moving. What they tell us can change the way we see our children and ourselves...

It is a delight to share a new collection of these compelling stories. Each story is like a piece of colored glass, a kind of magic lens. Looking through it, you may see a world very different from the world you are used to, the one that you've been told is real. Some stories challenge the boundaries of what we imagine is possible! I invite you to explore this view of life with me, through experiences that illuminate these exciting ideas:

We are souls that exist before we are conceived.
Before conception, we can communicate with our future parents.
We participate in coming to an agreement;
our decisions are mutual and can be changed.
We can announce our arrival
and make our presence known during pregnancy,
even interact in ways that let our parents get to know us before we are born.
As children, we may remember our pre-birth life
and be aware of siblings yet to come.
Family links are enduring; ancestors take an interest in new births
and may act as guides and guardians of the arriving soul.
We can see echoes of other lives together,
and perhaps plan the next act in the long-running play of our existence.

Stories of pre-birth communication give us tantalizing glimpses of our souls' pre-existence. But another window is beginning to open on the unknown land before this life. There are people who remember it, and they are courageously sharing memories long held secret. . .

These wondrous possibilities are illustrated by the intimate, first-person accounts in Stories of the Unborn Soul. To order a copy, please click to our Bookstore. Elisabeth's books are also available from Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, Booksamillion.com, or through your local bookstore.

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