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You are warmly invited to share your experiences of pre-birth communication, soul memory, etc. Please let me know whether I may publish your letter, with or without your name. Thank you! Elisabeth Hallett

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A Story of Family Love. . . and a Shared Vision


My name is Sheryl Clarke.
I would like to share with you my experience of the Grandparent connection.

I am the second of four children and was born in 1963.  I was always very close to my Dad, Donald Lyal Clarke. I did (and still do) love him very very much.

My parents moved the family to N.S.W., Australia, and not long after, divorced when I was about thirteen. It broke my heart to only be able to spend time with my Dad every second weekend. I was the atypical misunderstood rebellious teenager. I felt the only good thing about my parents' divorce was gaining a new baby sister.

In 1978 I became pregnant. We were married (shotgun wedding) and my husband and I moved into my Dad's place. We welcomed our beautiful baby daughter Tarryn Nicole into the world in January 1979. We lived there until the birth of our second beautiful child Michael Lyal, in August 1980; then we moved out and set up a place of our own.  My Dad moved back to Adelaide and I missed him dearly.  Not long after my youngest, Michael, turned two, my husband and I and the two children moved to Adelaide to be near my Father once again. Also to be near my much-loved Grandparents and family on my Mother's side. My dear Dad adored his gorgeous grandchildren, and the highlight of their day (and his) was when their Papa Clarke came home from work and would give them horsey rides on his back and play and tickle them. My husband moved our little family back to N.S.W and I was missing my Dad once again. We wrote letters to each other regularly and I looked forward to every one, I sent photos of the kids to Dad, and told him funny stories about the kids as they were growing up and how much we loved and missed him.  My very patient and much-loved Mum was happy to have her adored grandchildren back home again.

In 1985 my husband and I divorced after seven years of marriage. Both my wonderful Mum and her husband (my step-father) and my Dad were very supportive. Emotionally and financially, I honestly don't know how I would have coped raising two small children on my own without their love and support. Also my two sisters and two brothers were an enormous support.

In 2003 my beautiful Dad passed away suddenly.
Just under two months later my adored Grandfather passed away also.

In 2008, my son Michael Lyal presented me with my first grandson, Cooper Lyal Gornall.
I was holding my precious new grandson in my arms and cooing to him softly as my son stood behind me with his head on my shoulder, watching me soak up the beauty of a brand new life. As I looked into the adorable face of my new grandson, his face changed into the image of my beautiful Dad! I looked over my shoulder at my son and then back to my grandson and the image was gone. It lasted maybe three seconds. I didn't say anything to my son, as I thought he might think I was a bit cuckoo! And I was still uncertain about what I had actually seen. 

I thought about it a lot over the years, but never mentioned it to anyone. A few years ago, I told my son Michael what I thought I had seen on that day I held my grandson for the first time, and he said "Oh my God, Mum, I saw the exact same transformation!"  But he also didn't say anything as he also didn't want anyone to think he was cuckoo!

My adorable grandson has the same beautiful nature and gentle soul as his Father, his Great-Grandfather and his Great-Great Grandfather.  I think on the first day I held him in my arms my beautiful Dad was letting me know that he sees his great-grandson and he will always watch over him and protect him.  Or maybe Cooper Lyal is my beautiful Dad, Donald Lyal, rebirthed?

Sheryl Clarke


Dreaming a Granddaughter

My 23-year-old son dated a very sweet girl for over a year when he was 21 – 22. I adored this girl. They stopped dating although they do remain friends. He has been with a new girlfriend for about six months now, and they seem very serious about pursuing a future.

Two months ago, I dreamed that I was entering my mother's house, where I grew up. My mother still lives there on her own now, as a widow. In the dream it seemed that my son owned the house, and my mom was nowhere to be seen. I suppose she had passed away and my son had purchased her home. I entered the house with my car keys in my hand and set down a few shopping bags, which seemed to contain children's gifts.

Just inside the doorway there was a little wooden table and chairs, toddler-sized. A beautiful little girl, approximately three years old, was colouring at the table while waiting for me to arrive. Her little rubber boots were standing by the door as if I was supposed to be taking her somewhere. The girl shouted "NANA!!!!!!" and jumped on my lap while I was setting down the bags. She was so very real. I could smell fresh Johnson's baby shampoo in her hair, and feel the soft touch of her baby skin…like silk on a newborn. She sat on my lap and was so excited to see me.

This girl was so beautiful. She looked like a "mini-me" version of my son's first girlfriend, combined ever so-slightly with a touch of my son's features. I don't think I could willfully imagine such a realistic combination of two people. The little girl snuggled into my lap and I was stroking her hair. I could even feel the texture on the back of her shirt. Then she looked deep into my eyes. Her own eyes started looking huge and eternal like the universe.

Suddenly, part of my subconscious realized that I didn't have a granddaughter (in real life), and that I didn't even know her name. I felt embarrassed asking my own granddaughter what her name was, so I didn't. Instead, I asked the girl, "What year were you born in again, honey?" I knew deep down that it was currently 2016, so I asked her, "Were you born in 2015?… 2014?…  2013?… 2012??" I made it sound like a game. All the while this girl just laughed and kept saying "No, silly!!!" and shaking her head "no," while nearly rolling on the floor in laughter. I counted all the way back to the year 2000 before realizing there was no way the girl was 16 years old. Then I stopped counting the years backward and a revelation seemed to come to me. I said, "Oh, I remember! You were born in the future!!!" The little girl covered her mouth with her hands as toddlers will do when laughing, and erupted into endless giggles and little snorts as if she was keeping a big, funny secret from me. She nodded between giggles, then put her finger over her mouth as if to say "shhhhh" – again like we were keeping a secret.

I woke up with an intense feeling of love and connection. I still yearn for this little girl. I know the smell of her hair, her voice, her eyes, her giggles. I have no reason to believe that my son will reconnect with the girlfriend who resembled this child. They now live 200 miles apart and they are both dating other people. But in my heart I am sure that this child will be born. It was beyond "real." The dream happened on April 13, 2016, and I have a very strong premonition that this child will be born on April 13 of a future year, as a daughter for my son. This vision implies that I will have a great role in her life, perhaps caring for her while her parents go to work. I can't wait to meet her again!! I did not mention this dream to my son, but the other day my son said, "I'd love to own Grandma's house one day." His grandmother's house was the one in the dream, where his little girl lived and waited for me to arrive.

Name withheld

It is such a pleasure to hear the sequel to a story of pre-conception connections. Below is the original letter, followed by... the news!

"...sharing his happy, beautiful energy..."

Since I was 15, I dreamt regularly of a little boy. I sometimes see him as a baby, other times as a child of 4, 6 and 9 years and once as a teenager of 14. He has always the same features, white skin, light brown semi-curly hair and light brown shiny eyes. He is really talkative and smiles a lot. He has this nice playful, happy energy. 

In my first dream, I saw myself sitting on the street and crying a lot. Then I felt someone touched me on the shoulder. I saw this little boy for the first time, he smiled at me and hugged me. Then he said that everything was going to be all right and that I would be very happy. In that time, I was feeling very sad and lost, and after that dream I felt hope. I never forgot the dream either. 

With the course of the years, I kept dreaming of him, and as I said, I kept seeing him in different ages but always happy and talking a lot. I do not always remember all what he tells me, but very specific situations or phrases I do. I have dreamt him in a church, after his first milk tooth fell, in the field, in the city... One year ago, he told me in a dream that his name is Richard. 

I also have to add that my mom and my sister have also dreamt about him. I had never told them that I dreamt about him since I was a teenager. They both told me together about their experience because they dreamt about him on the same night. During that time, they were visiting me in the city were I was making my Master studies. They both dreamt the boy as a baby, with his light brown hair and shiny light brown eyes. They saw me and my boyfriend (we were freshly together at that time) pulling a baby stroller. My mom got a little alarmed by the dream because she thought I was pregnant, but I assured her that I was not. However, I was surprised that they also dreamt about Richard, and decided to share with them my previous dreams. 

After two years I got married with my boyfriend and I also told him about these dreams. He found them cute, but was himself not convinced that they were more than dreams. But he told me that if we had a boy one day we could call him Richard, as he found it was a nice name. 

My mom and sister kept dreaming once in a while with the baby. My mom dreamt him last time on October 2014. We were spending holidays together in a wellness place in Mexico. We were getting massages with hot stones and Reiki. The person who was giving me the massage asked me if I was pregnant. I told her that I was not, but she said she saw the spirit of a baby beside my left ear. I was surprised to hear this, as I did not tell anyone outside my family about having dreams with the baby. 

On the last days of November, 2014, I dreamt about the boy again. He told me that he was going to come in December and that his dad was also going to dream about him. I was not sure what he meant with that. Later, on December 28th, I dreamt myself pregnant. As soon, as we came back from the Christmas holidays, I asked my husband to buy a pregnancy test. I made the test on January 6th, 2015 and it was positive. I am 5-6 weeks pregnant now and have my first appointment with the doctor next week. Yesterday, my husband dreamt of himself holding the baby and cutting his umbilical cord. 

I do not know if my baby will really be a boy and if he will look like in my dreams. I will love him the same whatever gender and appearance he or she has, because I am sure he / she is this little spirit that has been communicating with me throughout the years and sharing his happy, beautiful energy with me. 

 I will keep you updated when I know if he should be called Richard and if he looks like in my dreams. 

 I. R.

...and then what happened - the sequel!

More than one year has gone by after the last time I wrote you. My baby is here with me. There is a lot to tell: 

The pregnancy went well, with the normal side effects that most women experience: nausea, pain in the back, insomnia, need to pee all the time, tiredness, etc. It took me some time to believe that the baby was really inside me, I think it really hit me when I saw it moving in the ultrasound and heard his heart beating. I had to drop some tears out of excitement and happiness. However, my naughty baby kept keeping for itself for several weeks whether it was a boy or a girl as the doctor could not detect the gender through the ultrasound. It always kept the legs crossed or turned and showed its butt instead. A clear hint for me of its happy, playful personality. 

At week 24, when we finally made a 3D ultrasound, the baby could not hide its gender anymore. Any guesses? My whole being was shaken with so much excitement, trust, and thankfulness when the doctor told me: it is a boy. There was no more doubt for anyone in the family: Richard is here to join us! This little baby grew and grew inside me, enjoying every minute of it and letting me know with his very active kicking. With the days, we became more connected, but it was different than before. I stopped seeing him in dreams and instead I started to feel him within me. I started to know when he liked or disliked something. He hates the smell of melting cheese and people discussing with loud voices. He loves yoga and soft music, particularly the one including mantras. At night, when he kicked me so hard and so fast that he did not let me sleep, we listened to it together until he calmed down and fell asleep. 

On May 10th, 2015, I felt sad because it was Mother's Day in my home country and we celebrate it with moms and pregnant women. In the country where we live, this day is not so important. My husband did not seem to understand exactly why I was sad either. I fell asleep in the afternoon and I clearly felt a little hand taking mine, while a lot of love flowed between us. I recalled the feeling of this exact energy the moment I had Richard on my chest the day he was born and I took him by his tiny hand, while he looked at me directly in the eyes. I could not say anything. My husband and I just cried together of happiness. 

Richard is now seven months old and growing and learning every day. Amazingly, he has the same features as in my dreams: white skin, light brown hair (straight, not semi-curly), and light brown shiny eyes. He is indeed really talkative and smiles a lot. Most of all, he has this nice, peaceful, yet playful, strong, happy energy that he shares with us but also with friends and strangers. People stop me in the street to comment on that, I get surprised they notice this and go beyond the usual comments regarding the cuteness of all babies. Richard has filled my life with so much light, clarity, love, and presence. I am happy to be able to share a part of his life with him and honored that he chose me for being his mom. I hope I can guide and accompany him in the way he needs, so that he can touch the life of others in the same powerful way he has done with mine. 


A Father's Dreams

I just wanted to share my own experience. . .

I did a Google search this morning about a dream I had last night and your article came up on the results.  My name is George Roque, my wife and I are expecting our second child at the beginning of March 2016.

Last night/early this morning I had a dream about my son to be born.  I saw him at about ten months old lying down on his bed and suddenly he got up, took about three steps, lay down again and went back to napping. It was the most beautiful dream I’ve had in a long, long time.

We already have another son, his name is Samuel (he's going to be three in a couple of days). . . and before he was born in 2012, I also dreamed about him almost at the same age as the new baby to arrive.

What makes these dreams more interesting is that I am in New York and my wife lives in Colombia (South America) but yet, time and space are not a factor for pre-birth communication or as I call it “the power of God.”

"I had to follow my heart"

I ran across your book and website after an internet search of "can a soul connect to its parents before birth" led me to it. I am pleased so far at the stories I have found and the commonality of them makes me feel eased.

A little over three years ago I met my husband. Within days of meeting each other we knew we were going to be together, as the first 48 hours we were inseparable and talked the whole time. We had a very deep and spiritual connection and I just knew this man was some kind of prophet or at the very least the most spiritual man I had ever met.

Within those days I told him I was going to give him a child. He asked me if I was sure I was ready, because life with him would not be easy. I told him I was and in the next two months we discussed our child, who was to be a girl, and we picked out her name. When we made love often I would communicate with her and tell her to come to us.

The morning I woke up vomiting I knew I was pregnant and I knew it was her, there was no question. However, my pregnancy was not an easy one. My mother 100% disapproved of my relationship with a foreign, divorced man more than twice my age, who had other children and who I claimed was some sort of prophet. She and everyone else I knew told me I was making the biggest mistake of my life. When I finally told her I was pregnant after more than three months, she was crushed, asked me to abort the baby and cried about how I would be a single mother and she never wanted that for me. Needless to say I felt abandoned by everyone I loved, but I had to follow my heart.

The delivery of my daughter was even more traumatic than the pregnancy. I became very sick and one night fell into seizure. I was rushed to the hospital where I had three more seizures and the baby was removed from my womb via crash c-section. I was in a coma for three days. While I was comatose, my husband was dealing with the world. Upon delivery my child had no breath. My husband had not been let in the operating room and did not see what happened, but "sees" that the doctors did much to resuscitate her, and handled her very roughly, but still she had no breath. The doctors told my husband they had bad news, the baby was dead.

My husband, being very spiritual, refused to accept that and told them to bring him his daughter. The doctors refused until he began to use profane language and they finally relented, bringing our daughter out into the hallway, breathless,

 with her hands over her chest. He unfolded her arms and called her name. Within that moment she stuck out her tongue to him, showing him she had life. The doctors freaked out and whispered to each other that he had done obeah or witchcraft, but scrambled to do what they needed to prepare her for life. My daughter was rushed to a children's hospital while I remained where I was for a week. Today she is quite the outgoing and spirited toddler.

The story does not end there, however. When I was pregnant with my daughter, my husband and I wondered if we might have twins. Everything about her presence in my womb was very strong, I felt her heartbeat early and could always see it pulsing through my belly. She was always moving and pushing. I even had a dream that I was having twins and that my mother, who is a midwife, was to deliver them. I picked out a boy's name in addition to the girl I was certain to have.

I did not have twins. However, for the last two years I have been getting strong messages that there is a boy child hovering over me wanting to be born. The first occasion happened when I was talking to my male friend and he asked me if I would ever consider having another baby. Hesitantly I told him I was very unsure if I would, due to the first experience being a very traumatic one. He told me that he had a vision of a boy child who wanted to be born, but I would have to decide if I wanted to have him. He also reassured me that the pregnancy and delivery would be nothing like the first, but that it would be smooth and loving.

This news made me excited and I told my husband about the conversation. He was not as surprised, and actually was upset that my friend had revealed this information. He told me he had already seen this boy child, how he was very strong and spiritual, yet quiet and humble (unlike our rambunctious daughter) and that he would look so very much like me. His disapproval of the conversation stemmed from his knowing I was not ready, and perhaps he did not want me to exist in a state of fear over it. Other people have also told me they see a boy child around me that really wants to be born. A coworker who grew up around many women asked me on two separate occasions months apart if I was pregnant, as he could see a "motherly glow" around me.

All of these experiences have forced me to consider whether or not I could handle having another child, as the first time was very traumatizing and still hurts me emotionally. I already have his name picked out and sometimes I talk to him about what he is like and how it is not time, that we don't have the right home and finances to bring him in the world. I know he is a righteous boy.

A few months ago I had another dream about twins. In the dream I was at my mother's house. I was frantic and confused because I was getting my three children ready for school (my older daughter and two younger twin boys) but we were running late. I was confused because I have no plan on educating my children through public school, but home school.

Recently I have had a strong urge to have this boy child regardless if all the circumstances are not how I think they should be. I want him here, and I know he's going to be very special.

One night about a week ago I had a longing for my husband and after beginning to make love we stopped to have a serious conversation about all our relationship fears. After sharing with each other we continued again, this time being as powerful as it was when we first met. He told me he wanted me to have a boy and I told him I was ready, I wanted him too. I called the boy by name and told him to come. I guess this is instinctual behavior, because it's the same way I called my daughter.

So that leads me to where I am today, wondering if I am pregnant and hoping for his arrival. I am scared, but more excited to meet this determined person who needs to be here with us. It will be another week before I know for sure if I am pregnant, but even if I'm not, I still know this is my son and I am his mother.

Name withheld


"I instantly loved her"

My experience came as a very, very vivid dream. I tend to have vivid dreams that I remember well, so that in itself isn't unusual but this was much more real than any dream I've ever had. In it I was at a park with my mother and a little girl who was about five. We were sitting at a picnic table and the little girl was coloring in a coloring book.

She was beautiful, very pale like me and with a face like mine when I was younger but she had very dark, long curly hair and beautiful green eyes (I'm a blue-eyed redhead). When I first saw her I instantly loved her and knew she was mine to take care of and protect, and she almost seemed brighter and more real than the rest of the dream. She wanted me to help her write her name, Addie, on the page she was coloring so I did. She knew all the letters but had trouble writing them, but I remember she wrote the E really well. I somehow knew she was this bright, sweet, amazing little girl and when I woke up I missed her. I felt like I'd been ripped away from her and I needed to find her again.

I've discussed this with a few friends who agree that it was strange and possibly something more than just a dream, and the more I look into pre-birth communication the more I believe that I was visited by my future daughter. I have no plans to have children in the near future, but I have always felt this strange pull to children and I've always felt like I needed to be a mother. When I had this dream it felt like things just fell into place and now all I have to do is wait for the right time. Whether Addie will ever come to me in the physical world I don't know, but I can't wait for a chance to see her again.

Name withheld

"No guarantees..." a topic we don't talk about much

    From a chapter of Stories of the Unborn Soul:  "People are sometimes baffled by discrepancies between a possible pre-birth message and the reality that unfolds, such as dreaming strongly of having a boy but then having a girl. It is an unsettling experience, and I suspect it occurs more often than we realize, because we tend to forget the predictions that don't pan out. But this is a subject we need to confront, so as not to give a misleading impression that pre-birth connections guarantee a certain outcome."

    Two women recently wrote about such experiences their letters arrived within just days of each other quite a coincidence! I thank them both for allowing me to share them.

    Daniela's story is really the sequel to her pre-birth connections posted a while back. Here below is her "Part I," followed by "Part II."


    (Part I) This scary new place called earth

    Thank you very much for the stories in your book and on your website.  It means a lot to know that there are other women out there with similar experiences.  Maybe I do stand out a little from the other stories, because almost all the other women are either pregnant or have already given birth.  And my husband and I are still trying to conceive. But I would still like to share my experience with you, even though I don't know the outcome yet.

    About two years ago, I was picking up my husband from work to go to lunch, when I felt something tugging at my right hand.  I felt the presence of a little girl with pigtails, about two years old, holding my hand.  She looked up and said: "Mommy, where are we going?"  I answered, "We are going to pick Daddy up from work, so we can all go to lunch together."  And she just said, "Oh, okay," and turned her head to look at all the people walking by. Mind you, we were in a busy train station full of people when this happened, and it felt like the most natural thing in the world to me to talk to this invisible little girl holding my hand.  Outside the train station a car was approaching very fast, and I tightened my grip on her hand, so she wouldn't run away and get hit by the car.  I know, an invisible girl being hit by a car is not very likely, but I reacted out of instinct I guess.  After that, she was gone.

     Months later, right before I fell asleep, I saw an image of a little girl.  She looked just like me when I was two years old. She was on her grandmother's arm, and she looked very sad, like she was crying over something. I can still remember her face vividly.

    We finally decided to try for a baby one year ago, and today I am still not pregnant.

    Last month I was sitting on the couch crying, when on my left I felt the presence of my aunt who passed away six years ago. I asked her why it's so difficult for us to conceive, and she told me to look at my legs.

    On the right there was a little boy, happy and laughing, not a care in the world.  I didn't feel a strong bond between us, but my aunt said that it wasn't his time yet. After that I saw someone pick him up from my lap and take him away willingly. My aunt told me that this was the person who takes care of him now, before birth. Like a nanny in heaven.

    Then on my left leg, I felt an enormous weight pushing me down. I looked, and it was the little girl from the dream, leaning against my chest and crying her eyes out. My aunt told me that she knows that it's her time to come to earth, but she is scared to death. She's not a person that likes change, and since she knows nothing about this scary new place called earth, she's too afraid to go. My aunt told me to talk to her and I did. I told her that earth isn't scary at all, that it's a fun and happy place. Mommy and Daddy will love her very much, and when she'll be here, she'll be able to play with other children, and with our cat.  There's no need to be afraid. After that, she dried her eyes and ran away.

    I asked my aunt what had happened, and she just smiled. She told me that the girl had gone to say goodbye to everyone, and to the only place she'd ever known. And this may take a while, because she's very attached to her old world.

    My aunt told me that my lesson in life is to have more patience, with becoming pregnant, and with everything else in life. When my daughter will be here, she is always going to be afraid of change and of trying new things. And I have to have patience with her. If I don't, she will become insecure and develop performance anxiety. But if I will be patient, she will gain confidence and believe in herself.

    So for now, I will have to have more patience before I will get pregnant, which is so hard. But I do hope that we will have a baby in the future, and I'm very curious to see if it's the same girl from the dream I had.


    Daniela's Story, Part II

    I would like to share with you what happened to me after I wrote to you.

    Remember that we had been trying to get pregnant for a year, without any luck. I kept seeing the image of a little girl that looked just like me, but every month there was another disappointment we had to deal with.
    Until... two weeks after I wrote to you. I did the test on the exact same day that we started to try for a baby the year before, and it was positive. That day also happened to be my husband's birthday, so he received the best gift ever.

    The pregnancy was a little bit difficult, with nausea and other health problems, but I didn't care. Finally we were going to meet our girl. That was all that mattered. We immediately knew what her name was going to be, and what colors she wanted in her nursery.

    When the 20-week ultrasound was coming up, we didn't even pay much attention to what the doctor was saying. We already knew we were going to have a girl, we even knew what she looked like. The doctor looked at the screen, and finally told us we were having a..... BOY!!

    My heart stopped. This couldn't be right, we weren't having a boy, there was a little girl in there. But she checked again, and so did other doctors in the months to come. It was still a boy.

    I cried in the doctor’s office. The doctor misunderstood, and thought I cried because I'd rather have a girl. But that wasn't it. I felt cheated; we were 'promised' a girl, and now we were having a boy. There had to be a mistake.

    Over the next few days, I began to question my spiritual self. Maybe I hadn't seen a girl at all, and talked to my aunt. Maybe I had made everything up. How else could I explain the fact that there was a little boy growing inside of me, and not the girl we were hoping for.

    After a while I started to warm to the idea of having a boy. But at the same time guilt started to creep in. If it's true what they say, that the baby can sense your every thought and feelings in the womb, he must know that he was not what we were hoping for, and how disappointed we were. The little man surely must feel unwanted, and maybe he's going to carry this feeling with him for the rest of his life. We had ruined him already, and he wasn't even born yet.

    So I decided I had to talk to him, somehow explain. One night we were driving home in the car, and I decided that it was time. I explained that we were happy to have him in our lives, and that we were going to love him very much. He must not feel unwanted, because what happened had nothing to do with him and he is perfect in any way. We weren't sad to not have had a girl, but sad that we never got to meet 'our girl'. I asked him to please understand, and assured him that he is absolutely wanted and loved.

    To my surprise, he answered back to me. He knows he is loved and wanted, so we shouldn't worry about that. And I shouldn't doubt my spiritual self. The images I had seen were very real, only sometimes decisions are made that change the outcome of an event. He knew that I worried about the girl, and he wanted to explain what happened to his 'sister'.

    Remember that the girl was to be born first, and a little boy would follow two years later? It turns out that she 'chickened out' at the last minute, and decided not to be born. At least not at that particular moment. She really was too scared and didn't feel ready. I remember the month before I became pregnant, my period was very heavy, and I cried uncontrollably. I couldn't explain it, because I had nothing to be sad about. Turned out that I was pregnant with the little girl at that time, and when she decided that she wasn't ready after all, that's when I miscarried.

    The boy, on the other hand, couldn't wait to be born and traded places with her happily. He sees life as one big adventure, and is eager to dive in and make the most of it. This one is going to be a handful when he's older. I'm sure of it.

    And this, he explained, is pretty much what had happened.

    I didn't know what to make of it. I had read about this, siblings trading places and changing the order in which they are born. So it could be true. I felt sad for the girl and hoped she was al lright. But she wasn't my responsibility anymore. She may be born with us after all, or decide to never be born at all. I had to let it go, and concentrate on my boy.

    Two months ago, our son Samuel was born. He is perfect and adorable, and we couldn't be happier.

    Do you know the feeling, that when you meet new people, or visit new places, sometimes they seem familiar to you already? I think that’s because before you are born, the people you meet and the situations you are going to be in, are shown to you beforehand. That’s why they feel familiar. This is how it’s been for me all of my life, with everything I did and with everyone I met. Except for now.

    I think the switch of my children in the order in which they were to be born, somehow changed the ‘blueprint’ of my life.

    The birth of my son is the first thing that happened to me, that wasn’t shown to me beforehand. It feels like I have gone off the path I was supposed to go on, and somehow changed my destiny. I have to adjust to the new situation, which is a little bit hard. It’s like you take a detour, but eventually you end up again at the road you were taking. It’s like they say, the past can’t be rewritten, but now I know that the future definitely can. For now, we are just going to enjoy our little boy. And if his sister decides to make her appearance in the years to come, I will definitely let you know.


    Daniela's letter provoked many thoughts; one that I shared with her was:  When I re-read your original letter, it seemed to contain quite a big hint that things might evolve in exactly this way.  And I was very struck by how the personality you sensed from the boy in that experience seems to match what you have felt from your son!  If I would make a guess, it would be that the timid girl, if she does choose to come in future, might really benefit from an older brother to help her cope with this scary world...

    A few days later, I received the following story from a mother (who prefers to remain anonymous).  She wrote:

    When I fell pregnant with my first baby it was a bit of a surprise, but I had always felt I would someday have a daughter. I had even chosen a name for her. Turns out he was a boy. So he wasn't my daughter after all! I fell in love with my baby, but I started wondering if "she" would come after all.

    I visited a few psychics and Tarot readers (always had a thing for all that) and out of seven, six predicted I would have two children, a boy followed by a girl! Shortly after this I fell pregnant again. I am currently 22 weeks pregnant, and my doctor says it's a boy again.

    I don't know why, but I have always felt this overwhelming "need" for a daughter, and also a feeling, and I am also struggling to understand how all the predictions and feelings were wrong. Everyone around me really "felt" this was a girl too.

    I have been reading your website and other sites too, about souls having a gender or not, about people sensing their future children, and I feel a bit confused and disconnected now. Like something changed along the way that wasn't supposed to?

    I have no answers, but these surprises and sometimes disappointments are not uncommon.  It's a good idea, I think, to never be "100% certain" of our expectations, and I wonder whether strong desire may cloud our intuition. 

    Another perspective on gender and physical reality is offered by Nancy K. Baumgarten, who shares her experience with her daughter:

    I kept thinking my daughter was going to be a boy... BUT she did turn out to be an extremely tomboy girl for the first 13 years of her life. In fact she had such strong memories of having lived a particular Indian warrior life that she was often mistaken for a boy as a child. THEN, she finally got used to being in a girl’s body for this lifetime.

    When she was about nine, I shared with her the realities (from my perspective) just to let her know that she was [now] living a different lifehood than that other one. We had a conversation about physical reality and other lifehoods (which she already understood of course, as psychic as she was). I totally respected that she had a choice I just wanted her to know the options. She remembered that conversation entirely for four years and at age 13, out of the blue, she came to tell me that she was now comfortable to be a girl in a girl's body. She's now age 29 and happily married to her college sweetheart...   I wonder about how many transgender people out there might really be souls who identified so strongly with another lifehood, but had no parent or religious or cultural context with which to assess their own drives?

    It makes sense to me that the soul we sense as our future baby, or even in pregnancy, might be manifesting qualities of its "last known address" in the physical world.  Intriguing to consider! Visit Nancy K. Baumgarten's amazing website, The Profound Awareness Institute, to learn more about her work with psychic children and other subjects of interest.

"Hi, Mommy!"

What a wonderful site!

I believe I had a pre-birth communication experience through a dream a month ago and have been reading articles and visiting websites dedicated to this ever since. I told my mother about my dream and I know she doesn't believe it so I thought maybe you could give me advice on whether this was just an imaginative dream or if I actually met my future son. :)

I am 23, single, have never been in love and I've never understood people my age. I do not party or think that being irresponsible is fun.  I'd rather be with people I love and who challenge me to be the best I can be. I read philosophy and collect records (preferably the 60s-70s), love classic movies, etc.  I love being outside in nature and I really get along with animals and children. I am a feminist and am very independent. I rarely am asked out, which I came to terms with a while ago. I really enjoy marching to my own drum and expanding who I am as a person.  I've always felt like there was one person out there just for me and I've always been scared that I would never find him. Ever since I was really little I was aware of romance and how much I wanted it.

I started meditating and doing yoga two months ago and have been having wonderful spiritual experiences. So here is my very vivid dream:

My two younger brothers, mother, and I were at a relative's home for Christmas. (We don't get along well with our relatives because of how superficial and cruel they can be so I was uncomfortable being there.) I was that last person getting ready for dinner and was finishing my makeup in the bathroom when I heard a knock on the door.  I opened it and a gorgeous little boy, about five years old, with semi-long blond straight hair and blue/green eyes walks in. He looked at me and said, "Hi, mommy."

I was stunned. I was initially really upset about being a single mother and that I never found his father (the man I've been looking for since I was little). But I really loved this boy. I put him on the counter and kissed him over and over and we were both laughing. I remember how soft his skin felt and how much he looked like me. He had my eyes and had hair like I had when I was his age, but his nose and mouth and jaw line weren't familiar to me very masculine looking. He knew I was upset about being around my rude relatives and he looked at me and said, "It's over now, mommy, isn't it?" As if to ask if the hard time I've been going through was over and I said it was. When I woke up I was teary-eyed that I had to leave him. I haven't had a dream about him since but I see signs of him and miss him and wonder if it was a communication or just a dream.

Name withheld

 "I Saw Your Little Girl"

I love your work. I am writing you to say hello, and share a quick story about my children’s pre-birth communications with me.

I’m someone who truly believes we chose our parents, before we were born into our current incarnations. I know that I chose my parents, and that my siblings have been in my core soul group for many lifetimes (simultaneous, or not).

My son came to me in a dream the year before he was conceived. He was about four in the dream, and I wrote down his physical features in my dream journal at the time. The light brown hair and hazel eyes are his traits to a “t”!

He was in my lap, facing me, and I was explaining to him why we were on Earth. I was talking gently to him, as he gazed into my eyes. I truly believe he is an older soul than me!

He is almost two now. And recently I had a dream of a dark-haired little girl, who I woke up thinking could be my daughter. She had the same shape face as me, and very wrinkled palms like I do. I was looking at her hands in the dream. I even know her name!

What do you make of the second dream? Do you think she is trying to communicate with me? I am so intrigued.

Well, my story gets even better. Today I visited my Nana, who is in her last days on Earth. She recently had a stroke, and is bedridden. She is in frail condition. I leaned in to greet her today, and she said to me, “ I saw your little girl.”

Truly amazing!!!


"Are You Ready?"

I am 38 weeks pregnant with my precious baby girl Ryenne. Upon Ryenne's conception I had an extremely vivid dream that I believe was Ryenne presenting herself to me and asking if I would take her in. Here is my dream:

I felt like I was in it for such a long time. We lived in this strange place; it was a tall, thin cube house that was three or four levels spiral-stacked on each other. There were stairs on the outside that let you walk up to stand on top of each roof.

All of a sudden, I was driving down a road to get something to bring home to our cube house. I was looking at the sky, which had turned indigo blue, then blue-violet with trails from a rocket-ship or plane that kept forming into patterns. I followed the trails to another house (our old house in the dream), parked the car, and ended up on the roof of the house.  The sky was very dark blue, turning into black, then it was black and I had jumped off the roof into the blackness.

Next, I was in the white trails... I floated to the new home, landing on the roof, and went inside but found everything was old, dilapidated, messy as though a hoarder lived there. Trash was strewn over the floor. I remembered something I was looking for, so I wandered through the house but couldn't find anyone I knew. I walked into the living room, also strewn with garbage and old belongings, where there was a dim light from a TV and a side-table lamp.  There were people sitting on the couches but I didn't know them.  They were elongated silvery-colored figures, similar to humans but very otherworldly. They turned slowly to look at me, then pointed toward a bedroom saying, "She's got it ready for you."

I walked into the bedroom, and there was an old woman holding an impossibly tiny newborn baby. She looked at me, nodded to a gift bag sitting on the bed, then held the baby out to me and said, "Are you ready?"

I didn't look at her, I only walked to the bed and looked into the gift bag, where there was a bottle full of formula. I picked it up and went back into the living room, asking the people there what I was supposed to do with it. They told me to feed my baby. "Unless you want to use your own, of course." They nodded at my chest and started laughing.  I looked down at my chest and noticed I was lactating.

I walked back into the bedroom, having decided I'd feed my baby with my own milk, but now the room was strewn with trash and old belongings.  The woman with the baby was gone. I started sifting through the trash to find my baby but I couldn't fine her. I kept digging deeper. The whole room had turned into a pile of trash and debris. I found what felt like a tiny, limp baby body, wrapped in gauze and a plastic bag.  My dream baby had died.

I was awash with the most terrible feeling of grief. I bowed my head and wept. Just when I thought my heart would simply shatter into a million pieces, I looked up to find the wasteland had vanished. The clean, inviting room that I had previously been in had reappeared and the old woman was sitting calmly on a bed in front of me.  In her arms was my baby.

The woman looked up at me, smiling thoughtfully, hopefully.  She held my baby out as she said, "Are you ready?" I nodded as she carefully placed the baby in my arms. A feeling of calm, soothing, vibrant love consumed my body as I felt my heart connect with my child. I saw my baby's face for the first time. She was the perfect mix of my husband and me, with bright blue eyes and white-blond hair, just like my husband. I held her up next to my face, looking in the mirror. She smiled a huge smile, like a child instead of a baby, but she was so tiny. I cradled her in my arms and felt this warmth from my heart to hers. I cried, then woke up.

About a month after this dream, I found out I was pregnant. I believe my baby girl reached out to me and tested me to see how much I would care for her, how much I wanted her. The cluttered, dilapidated house represented clutter in my mind that I had to sort through to make the decision of letting Ryenne's soul implant in my body.

The question "Are you ready?" was a constant theme. I believe it was because my husband and I are young (23) and we didn't plan this pregnancy. I believe that Baby Ryenne, or perhaps a guardian of sorts, thought we were ready, but wanted to be extra sure before her soul could be passed over to me. I have always wanted a child. I think that her soul saw that and it is why she was presented to me in such a way. I give permission for you to share my experience; it is very special to me and I would like others to hear it.

Elisha Carter -
baby due May 25, 2014

My memory of pre-earth awareness

Walking along a trail through a scant forest, being aware of a complete aloneness, I sensed the beauty of my surroundings. Everything was bright as any cloudless sunny day here on earth

Not thinking about anything in particular I strolled along until I found myself in a glade. Green grass was all around but the path was clearly marked by the footsteps of many who had traversed the same route from the beginning of eternity.

There was not another soul nearby and the feeling of utter peacefulness was beyond measure.

Without knowing it or at least without any conscious effort on my part I was actually looking for others to communicate with.

It wasn't long or perhaps it had been eons since I'd embarked on this journey. When I might have begun the trek was something I didn't think about or place any value on remembering. The only thing I was aware of was the moment. This exact moment. History was not even a fragment of my imaginations.

Suddenly a female soul (or personage) approached me. Gender differences were definitely apparent although I can't rightly say I know how I was able to tell. I just sensed that this person was female. Memory indicates a feminine voice.

No names were exchanged or offered. She obviously knew who I was and I seemed to recognize her. At least she was familiar to me and not a total stranger.

Communication was initiated by the female.

"Come over here," she commanded.

I followed her without question. Presently we came to an area at the edge of a very high cliff at the edge of a grassy meadow. I was aware of other personages nearby although I saw no one.

Was it an ocean or some other body of water at the bottom of the cliff? It seemed a long way down. Perhaps it wasn't water at all but merely a very thick soupy fog. I didn't know.

The female spoke to me as any familiar would. Perhaps as a sister to a brother who were close enough to share the deepest confidences.

"You did it all wrong. Again! You have to go back."

No mention was made of where "back" was. We both knew.

"No way! I'm not going back!"

"Yes you are. You have to go back. There's no other choice for you. I've been sent to make sure you do go back. This time make sure you get it right. There'll be no more chances for you."

All the while this conversation was taking place, the female moved about. The whole time our eyes were locked on one another. I sensed no danger from her. Or perhaps I did but ignored it. Finally she had herself positioned so that I stood between her and the edge of the cliff with my back to the openness.

"I'm not going back!"

As soon as I spoke these words she gave me a mighty push and I fell off the edge of that cliff.

I have no memory of any other conversation or awareness of ever hitting any bottom. Although I resisted I was pushed over the edge of a cliff which caused me to fall into a sort of vortex. I remember the sensation of tumbling about through a sort of swirling tunnel, helpless to stop myself.

I have no memory of hitting any bottom or of my first moments on earth. I suppose like most people my earliest childhood memories after this began at the age of about four years.

In retrospect as I write this it occurs to me that this memory event might have occurred at the time I was hit over the head with a pop bottle at the hands of a neighbor girl.

This entire episode came into my awareness one day as I was daydreaming on earth being in an earthly form. I was a human being of the age of six. I never mentioned it to anyone, merely setting the thought aside into a special place in my memory banks. It was not brought into my consciousness again until the day that I had an encounter with a psychic.

To prove himself as a true psychic, the man made mention of this event amongst a few others that I had always kept secret. Like the time I was hit over the head by a pop bottle that my female playmate had found on my parents' property. I thought we should share it and buy some candies with the proceeds from selling it to the store nearby. (In 1954 we could get two cents for it and buy six jawbreakers.) She thought she owned it. A struggle ensued, and the girl having a good hold by the neck of it struck me squarely on top of my six-year-old head, knocking me out cold.

The next thing I remember was waking up lying there on the ground behind my father's chicken coop. The girl was long gone.

I found out much later when I was in my early teens that she had a memory of the event as well and described her version of events to me. She had been a bit older by a year or so and thought she had killed me. She never cashed in that bottle, instead hiding it in the family woodpile. She spoke of being afraid to go outside lest the police come and arrest her to put her in jail. Ah the innocent thoughts of children.

Well, I digress in telling all this but found it necessary to make the reader aware of certain knowledge of this writer that there is spiritual life before we are sent to this earth. The entire context of this spiritual life is not completely evident but it may be considered that there are family and friendships much as we have here on earth in the flesh.

What has been written is a true account of events as much as is humanly possible from a sixty-five-year-old memory. I will swear on everything holy and not excluding my own life that this account is true. May the good Lord in Heaven strike me dead this instant if it's a lie or an imagining.

Art Schievink

Violet's Story

I have been a great big fan of your site for quite a few years, and have always meant to send you my story, and now seems to be the perfect time – I apologize if my entry is long, but it's my story, and as they say, it has come full circle.

I found your website before I became pregnant with my now-eight-year-old daughter.  I do not remember what I was looking up, only that I was curious about spiritual communication with babies to be, as a result of various communications (consciously unknown to me) from the veiled world regarding a baby.  Everywhere I went I noticed baby.  Clothes, pictures, pregnant women, even reflections from CD covers began taking on the shape of a baby, and I shook off these occurrences as wishful thinking, as I had just recently met my husband-to-be (I knew he was the one the moment we met).

Within four months I was pregnant and delighted to know that I was on the path of something beautiful. I continued to receive hints as to who I was soon to become reacquainted with: seeing her name everywhere, family dreams of a baby to come, a feeling of excitement and newness in the air. I quickly reasoned away synchronicities mentioned above, and stored them in memory bank, labeled wishful thinking come to life... little did I know that it was the first instance of many.

With my second daughter, I didn't get all of these gentle nudges along the way. She was then (and is now) much more direct. Her name (not common, but more like an old Victorian name) appeared to me constantly. I would see it in blogs or forums that I read, or getting off the train on my way home. The best had to be when my husband said, "Hey, how 'bout we name the baby...?" The exact name that had been floating around for weeks.

Aside form this, during her pregnancy I woke up constantly, in the middle of the night, to see a small child standing in front of my bed, looking at me as I slept. To say that it was off-putting is an understatement. It was not my first baby, she was only about six or seven months old at the time and still not able to walk. I would later find out that this was indeed the baby that I was pregnant with.  How do I know, you ask? Because she started climbing out of bed as soon as she was able to walk, and I would wake up and find her standing in front of me, just as when I was pregnant with her.

After her birth, we decided to take a break from having children, and wanted to enjoy our family as it was. For about two years we enjoyed each other and learned lessons about our family, what it meant to be one, and also learned how to grow and function together. We didn't initially set out to have any more children.

Interestingly enough, although the decision was made not to have any more, we slowly started to notice a softening within one another, with regards to having another child. During this time, we became aware of what we thought was a baby crying. Every once in a while, while watching TV or in the quiet of the night, we would hear a baby crying. Clear as a bell. We would get up and go to our daughters' room, and find soundly sleeping toddlers. This happened regularly. So regularly, that the occurrence stopped causing us to sit up and notice. What did happen was that this opened the door to the possibility of another baby.

We decided that if we were going to have any more, this was it. We didn't want to have children later on in life and have babies when our oldest were teens or close to it. So, one night in the shower I said, or thought, to myself that if there was any being or beings out there that want to come through us, this is the time. I said this knowing in my being, that I was not going to be open to the thought of pregnancy much longer.

After this shower incident, I put the thought of pregnancy and babies in the back of my mind, and I continued my life. Working while taking care of my daughters and husband. Weeks pass, and exhaustion sets in. I'm falling asleep on the couch, surviving work, basically barely making it through the day.

One morning, I throw up as I brush my teeth... hours later, double line confirmation. I'm pregnant again.  Months later, confirmation of twins – boys. All of the crying heard in the ethers of those days, came flooding back, along with the recognition and acknowledgment that what I heard was not one, but two distinct cries for two distinct sons.

I have since these days learned to recognize the patterns, messages, and communications that were there all along. I have had one more baby since then. He is the last baby that I will meet in this manner, as he is our last child, and he has confirmed to me every step of the way, that I know this stuff.  He reminded me to trust my gut, and shared his gentle way with me throughout his pregnancy. His gentle soul has reminded me that I know the way and to trust my heart. He helped me remember that I have always been connected to this other-worldly part of life.

His pregnancy connected me to the cosmos in a way that is still unfolding. He met his dad in dream (dad says that he looks now, exactly like in the dream) and shared his beautiful spirit with dad in dream. Our being blessed with him, and all of our children, shows me that there is more to this life than we know, and I am grateful to learn to navigate through my children of the stars.

Thank you for your site, and for allowing me to share this story with you and others.


Bonding in Dreams

It is six weeks till my due date and I am pregnant with my first child. She is my daughter. I dream about her birth frequently but in some cases I cannot remember labor or I die. I have dreams of what she will look like and what her personality will be like.  In my dreams she is beautiful with red hair so dark it looks brown until light shines on it. She has dark brown eyes like us and olive skin.

When I first found out I was pregnant I didn't want to be and was considering abortion. I wanted it to go away so bad, but no matter what she stayed. I shamefully admit I wasn't trying to keep the pregnancy and in fact engaged in behaviors that should have ended it or severely damaged the growing child.

I sensed a voice that was like my own inner voice, but it wasn't my own, speak to me. It was sad and wanted me to love it but understood I was upset.  I cried and cried and held my stomach and spoke to it telling it how sorry I was and that I did love it and wanted it to stay.

Terrific news came with every doctor's visit that it was developing normally and there were no complications. I wanted a boy, but more I wanted it to be okay. When I saw it on the ultrasound for the first time we all noticed how incredibly active it was and I was almost certain it had to be a boy. Then later we discovered it was indeed our daughter.  I feel like I understand how she feels and what her thoughts are. She is happy and 100% healthy!

I have had the easiest pregnancy. I didn't even have morning sickness. I feel like she just wanted to be with us so bad that she promised to not give us a hard time so we would keep her. Our bonding experiences in my dreams are great and I just can't wait to hold her.


"Well, WHERE is she then?!"

I have always had foreshadowings of when big things were going to happen in my life. A big move… meeting my husband… But perhaps the strongest was about seven years ago when the younger of my two sons was about a year old.  I looked at them one day and in my mind's eye I suddenly saw a small blonde girl standing next to him.  Small and round and fair with blond curls, she belonged to us. Now, I have strong genes that render all family members with nearly-black hair and dark eyes. I couldn't imagine how I would get a blonde girl. But the feeling persisted. I was constantly impressed with her imminent arrival. Constantly aware of her presence.

We were not planning on having any more children and that went so directly against what I felt in my spirit that it drove me to distraction. I was so sure she was coming, even though I was taking precautions against getting pregnant, that I dreamt up scenarios where someone left a baby on our doorstep. I finally blurted out one April afternoon, "Well, WHERE is she then?!" And about ten days later I found out I was already pregnant, despite our efforts to the contrary. I was so sure I was having a girl that I didn't even ask the doc for confirmation.

When she was born they had to do multiple pricks on her feet to draw blood every few hours. The first time they did, she screamed and cried. I instinctively knew what to do, and instantly picked her up, still in a lying position so the nurse could work, but with her cheek pressed against mine.  I'd never done this with my other kids. She instantly quieted, and underwent all further procedures exactly in that same position without incident. The nurse said it was uncanny and she'd never seen that happen before.

 When my daughter was six months old my mother-in-law who is very intuitive asked if we would have another child. We don't speak the same language, so our communication was halting. I said, "Maybe." She said with certainty, "another girl." In her culture, more than two children is very rare, so four is very odd indeed.

When my daughter was nine months old I was sitting down one day and looked down toward my arm and suddenly saw in my mind's eye another little baby girl, smaller, with dark hair and olive skin. I knew she was mine and I knew she would be coming soon. Again, we weren't planning on having any more, but this time I knew it was only a matter of time. I told my husband, "If we have another daughter, let's name her ****." He said, "That's fine, but we're not having any more." I was pregnant within a month.

Sure enough, my baby girl was born with dark curly hair and olive skin and was much smaller than my other daughter at birth. Our souls were so bonded from the instant she came out. And interestingly, when I first held her, I heard the name "Jesus" whispered in my ear. I took it as an indication that Jesus would be important to her, although I myself was estranged from my Christian upbringing.

When she was about two I noticed her entranced while staring at seemingly nothing. One time we were cuddling on our couch when it happened again and she was suddenly staring with rapt attention at our empty entryway. I whispered, "Baby, is it beautiful?" She nodded and whispered, "Yes!"  I asked quietly, "What is it?" and she whispered with awe and delight, "Jesus!"

After our second "mistake" baby, I had my tubes tied and yet I often feel there are more children waiting. The feeling has been stronger, only enhanced by my recent acceptance of reincarnation. Two nights ago all our children were having a camp-out on our bedroom floor and all were newly asleep and I was in-between when my husband suddenly called out loudly, "Children, shush!" I groggily rolled over and asked if he was okay. None of the children had been talking. He sort of pulled himself from a half-sleep and said, "I thought I heard the kids talking. It was really loud like they were just right here." He seemed confused as he looked around at the dark room where they were all asleep. I wondered if it could be the same children who I sense are waiting.

The next morning he remembered the voices and was not convinced he'd been dreaming. In other words, he was pretty sure they were real. Later that day I counted out and served up plates for our family's lunch, and to my surprise when everyone came to get their food, I realized I'd made an extra plate!  And I'd been so careful in counting… So maybe there are more waiting for their time, after all.

P.S.  Also, yes, my first daughter was indeed blonde. She is nearly 6 now, and is still blonde with beautiful low-lights. My younger daughter is a little more fair than when she arrived, but is still darker than the older one. Both are a huge blessing


The Sign for "Later"


My eighteen-month-old granddaughter, Lexie, has done some interesting things. Last summer, before she turned one, she began making a motion with her hands when she wanted more of something or to do something again. We looked it up on Baby Sign Language on the net and discovered she was using a version of the American Sign Language sign for "more." We had to look it up, we didn't know what it meant and couldn't have taught it to her. Since then, she will use either her original version or the actual ASL version of the sign interchangeably when she wants more or again.


Recently I asked her if she wanted something and she put her right index finger on her left thumb and wiggled her left fingers at me. I asked her the question again and she repeated the motion, so I just said okay and she ran happily off. I told her mom about it and her mom was able to ask a deaf friend if the motion had any meaning. It turns out to be the ASL sign for "later." Also recently, she has begun to use what we have discovered to be the ASL sign for "quiet" when she whispers and wants us to whisper back.


We are beginning to believe she was either deaf or consistently around someone deaf in a recent previous life. Interesting, don't you think?


Sue Jeffries 

For more of Sue's amazing connections with grandchildren, read "I Was Supposed to Die on November 17" as well as the final letter on this page !

Sue welcomes email responses to her stories, at <jsjeffries@sbcglobal.net>




A Child's Past Life Memories


This story comes from Sue J., who shared some amazing grandparent connections a few years ago, now available as an article on this website. For more information about the subject of this letter, see Carol Bowman's wonderful books, Children's Past Lives and Return From Heaven. The late Dr. Ian Stevenson did extensive research on birthmarks and past life memories.



Hi, How are you?  I hope you're doing well.  I'm feeling better than I have for years and doing even better than I could have hoped for.  I believe I will really be able enjoy the grandkids even more, now.  Which brings me to what I wanted to tell you.  We have had quite a little to do involving my grandson, Gabe. 

Gabe is the son of my daughter, Katie, who had such a hard time conceiving and then keeping a pregnancy.  She had several miscarriages and saw several specialists.  She was taking fertility drugs, being artificially inseminated, and then on hormones to try to keep the pregnancy, if she got pregnant.  It was very expensive and nerve-shattering.  She had decided to quit trying and had resigned herself to being "the favorite aunt." They had refinanced their home, taken out a home equity loan, and maxed out their credit card and she thought the trauma just wasn't worth the expense. I just felt that she had to try one more time, so her dad and I told her if she wanted to try just once more, we would pay for it.  And that's how we got Gabe. 

Shortly after Gabe was born, I was helping bathe and dress him and I noticed his birthmark.  He had what appeared to be a bullet hole on his chest just under his left nipple, where you would aim if you wanted to shoot someone in the heart.  I commented to Katie about it and we agreed that it looked like a bullet wound that was starting to heal, but still raw.  I made the comment that he must have been shot in a previous life.  I don't think Katie is really "into" my belief, but she doesn't argue with it either. 

As Gabe has grown up (he's almost 4 now) we noticed he had some issues.  He had really bad anger problems.  If he got hurt or didn't get his way, he had to hit something (or someone) or throw something.  He had a very big issue with men.  He didn't seem able to be even friendly with them, let alone loving.  And he was extremely protective and sensitive toward the women in his life.

So, several weeks ago Katie and I were on our way to Champaign, Illinois, to see the newest addition to the family.  Gabe was in his car seat in the backseat chattering away about this and that.  Suddenly he got very serious and said, "Mommy, do you know what?"  Katie, of course, said no, what.  And he said, "One time my daddy killed my mommy and I was very sad and cried. And then he killed me, too."  Katie assured him that his daddy would never do anything like that and nobody was going to die, etc.  I stupidly sat there like a lump not realizing until that evening what was happening.  When I did realize it, I called Katie and told her what I thought had happened.  Since then we've watched Gabe change into a much happier child.  Just remembering it that once has been so great for him.  His anger issues have subsided so much that even the pre-school people have commented.  Plus, he's really enjoying being around the other kids, calls them by name and plays nicely, he pretty much ignored them as much as possible before.  He also is friendly to his papaw (my husband) which he wasn't before and in general is doing better with men.  He is still protective of his women, but that might not really be a bad thing.

Then, on one of the first really warm nice days this spring, he and I were sitting in the porch swing and talking.  I told him how I had sat there with his cousin Elli one night and she had fallen asleep in a blanket on my lap.  We went on swinging and talking and finally he laid his head down, so I asked him if he wanted a blanket, which he did.  I got the "snuggly" blanket the kids use for their naps and wrapped him up and he lay down again.  Then, he sat back up and said, "Grammie, do you remember when I was born and just a little baby and you wrapped me up all snuggly and held me and held me, but I died?"  I told him, "I'm sorry, sweetie, but I don't remember."  He said that was okay, lay back down and went to sleep with his head on my lap.  That night I had a dream about a former life in the old West where that incident happened, so now I do remember in case he ever mentions it again.  His parents were American Indians and I was a friend helping with the birth.  Again, just the remembering and telling seems to have helped him heal.  At this point, even the birthmark seems to be shrinking.

Well, I thought you might like to hear this story.  This is, of course, the Reader's Digest version, but all the main points are there.

`                Sue


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