Here are some sites you may enjoy visiting... The home page of APPPAH - the Association for Pre- and Perinatal Psychology and Health, with many valuable articles and columns.

Children's Past Lives This site includes a lively message board and excerpts from Carol Bowman's book of the same name (also featured in the Treasury of Resources on the Light Hearts site).

PregnancyCorner An informative site with a friendly, social-networking feel.  The website of Sarah Hinze, author of Coming From the Light 

Birth Intuitive The website of Teresa Robertson, RN, MSN, whose articles are available here at Light Hearts. As a Birth Intuitive, Teresa provides information, support and tools to assist her clients to connect with their unborn children. Her work has aided clients to: promote fertility; heal and resolve pregnancy losses such as miscarriage and abortion; heal and/or minimize pregnancy complications; and assist adoptive parents in connecting with their unborn children.

In Another Life: Reincarnation in America  Stephen Sakellarios, creator of this engaging site, explains: "My site supports a documentary I produced. The subject matter is similar to Carol Bowman's site, and both the website and documentary include an interview with Carol. There is a great deal of information, including streaming video interviews, articles, book reviews, and personal accounts."

The Natural Child Project Award-winning site on parenting, education, and child advocacy. Online articles and parenting advice column by Jan Hunt, M. Sc. 

Cosmic Cradle - The website of Elizabeth and Neil Carman, introducing their book on communication before conception, including excerpts and reviews.

KotaPress - For artists, writers, bereaved parents who are on a healing path--helpful information, good poetry, and some inspiration to get through the hard times.

Inspired to Journal - The ultimate in journaling inspiration - articles, quotes, prompts, contests, a journaling workshop, and a free newsletter.

Compleat Mother This website, complementing the Canadian print magazine, presents abundant information and support in an earthy, irreverent, and good-humored way.

The Labor of Love A pregnancy and parenting community for pregnant moms and parents. Includes message boards, a pregnancy and parenting search engine, a well-presented bookstore and more.

Birth Partners Here is a guide if you are looking for a midwife, doula or lactation consultant in your area. Great childbirth links with excerpts from the sites listed!

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