What's New at Light Hearts?

      A Story of Family Love... and a Shared Vision lovely new story from Australia     

      Dreaming a Granddaughter a thrilling story, please enjoy!      

      A special treat the sequel to a story of pre-conception contact! Second letter on page

       "Something else took over" a mother is surprised by changes in herself postpartum    

      A Father's Dreams less often reported so all the more valuable      

      "I had to follow my heart" a story with much mystery, almost beyond belief!    

      New voices in the conversation introducing Kelly Meehan, and updating Kate Street's work!      

      The Grandparent Connection   Exploring soul dimensions of Grandparenthood

      Did a Pre-Birth connection save Aron Ralston? (on Currents page)

      Messages from baby unborn souls communicate for many reasons, and any of us may       tune in!

       A Sense of Loss understanding an unusual (?) postpartum experience

       Spirit Babies a resource with unique perspective, from clairvoyant Walter Makichen (scroll down Currents page)

Soul Bonding During Pregnancy, a valuable resource for parents, is available for free downloading, thanks to the generosity of  the authors (scroll down Currents page)

  The Shiver Sign an excerpt from Chapter One, Stories of the Unborn Soul

 Association with Amazon.com Many of the books listed in the Treasury of Resources are now linked directly to the online bookstore, Amazon.com. Sales at Amazon generated from these links will yield a commission for Light Hearts.


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