Penny Chang is a graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. She has developed a unique practice called Mother-Baby Bonding Before Birth, to facilitate the connection between parents and children-to-be, during pregnancy as well as before conception. This article is excerpted from her forthcoming book, whose working title is Conversations from the Womb: A Guide to Bonding With Your Baby During Pregnancy and Before Conception. 

Contact information for Penny Chang is at the end of this page. 


Mother-Baby Bonding Before Birth

 A Practitioner's Story

by Penny Chang


It is the first day of fall, a good day for beginning new things. I enter my meditation room and sit down. As I ground my feet into the earth, I immediately fill up with emotion and tears. One voice says, "I don't want another baby. I don't want any more sleepless nights." But I know this is just my habitual resistance to receiving, my "no" to the bigger "yes" that I feel filling the room.

I connect to this deeper, bigger feeling. A sacred presence fills the room. I feel my openness to letting the soul come in--a receptivity, for indeed that is all we need to "do" to be able to incarnate a soul, simply sit in receptivity. It doesn't feel as though this baby is coming to me, but to the whole family--me, my husband, my son Jacob.

As I ground myself deep into the center of the earth, tears well up again, as I feel the support and softness of The Mother. Grounding has never felt so soft. I am aware of the Earth as an entity, almost as a personality, supporting me and wrapping her softness around me.

Now I focus on the connection. I hear my voice saying, as I say so often to my clients, "Imagine there is a cord coming out of your heart. It comes out of your heart, goes out into the room, and connects to your baby, who is floating around somewhere in the room."

Almost immediately, I feel a small, sweet being connected to me on my left side. I surrender to the sweetness of that being, that sweet, sweet feeling that a new baby brings. Of course, in this case, it is really the soul that I am feeling, not the physical baby itself, but the sweetness we feel in new babies is not only the physical baby either.

The form elongates and solidifies. In my mind's eye, it now looks like a beautiful young woman in flowing clothes, reminiscent of a Greek goddess. I ask, "Who are you?"

The answer comes right away. "I am your next baby." I feel strongly that this baby is a girl, but I resist that. I want to stay open. (During my pregnancy with my son, I was sure I had a girl at first too.)

I feel deeply my love and longing for this baby. At the same time I feel my love and connection to my son, Jacob. I know that I will be able to love both.

I ask the baby when she should come and hear, "You'll know when." I find myself saying internally the name "Kathryn." It seems to be associated with this grown-up soul being. I don't know what that means, but I write it down.


My journey into the realm of pre-birth communication began when I was pregnant with my first child. I wanted, more than anything, to communicate with the being inside of me. That was almost more for me than for him. Though I became pregnant at age 36, I did not use ultrasound to check on my baby's progress. I had all the usual fears and fantasies about what could be wrong with my baby. Yet, throughout my pregnancy, I had the strong feeling that all was well with my baby and his growth. How did I know that? Well, I asked him. And he answered.

The idea that a mother could talk to her unborn child and receive a response is at once a startling and yet completely natural idea to a pregnant woman in our mechanistic culture. Startling because it means using senses other than the usual physical senses to which we normally limit ourselves. Natural because almost all pregnant women feel that strong connection to their babies and what that connection could mean.

I have yet to meet a pregnant woman to whom the idea of dialogue with her unborn baby, once introduced, did not feel instinctively right. And I have yet to meet a woman pregnant or trying to conceive who, with practice and coaching, could not participate in this kind of dialogue.

I developed the techniques for this kind of dialogue during that first pregnancy. At the time I was a third-year student at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, a four-year school in hands-on energy healing and self-transformation. At the school, we were learning all kinds of techniques that took us beyond the realm of the physical senses. One of the techniques we learned was to sense and heal the energetic cords that connect us to our loved ones. We develop these relational cords with our parents, siblings, friends, and partners.

But Barbara Brennan, the founder of the school and author of the best-selling book, Hands of Light, describes other cords, called genetic cords, which connect a baby and her parents before the birth. In fact, the first cord that a baby establishes with her parents in this lifetime connects the baby to a place deep in her mother's heart before conception takes place.(1)

"I have seen the field of the baby-to-be floating just outside the field of its mother-to-be," Brennan writes in her 1993 book, Light Emerging. "The effort to connect the first cord comes from the person who is incarnating. If the mother is afraid of pregnancy, she may not allow the place that is deep within her heart chakra to open in a way that the connection from the child-to-be can be made." (2)

As a student at Brennan's school I was practicing cord healings with my classmates at school and with clients at home. These healings allowed clients to dialogue with their parents and heal aspects of those relationships, even though the parents were not physically present. If I could do that, I reasoned, why couldn't I do the same thing with my baby, using the genetic cord connection? Why couldn't any woman do the same thing with her baby, whether she was pregnant or had not yet conceived?

I began a journey into myself, into the cells of my being, and the forming cells of my baby. Ultimately, it was a journey I shared with other women who were pregnant or trying to conceive. I developed simple techniques that any woman could use to connect with her baby's soul, to sense into the baby's energy field, to feel his essence, and to communicate with him. I found pregnant women and women trying to conceive who were willing to try these techniques, and talked to others who had experienced communication with their unborn children spontaneously. I used the findings of this research to write my thesis for my senior year at the Barbara Brennan School.

After my graduation from the school and my certification as a Brennan Healing Science Practitioner, I began teaching women in my community to use the techniques I had developed as a student. As I shared my work with family and friends, I began getting calls at my home in Virginia from women in places like Chicago, Minneapolis, and Cincinnati-- women who were having trouble conceiving babies. Since we were working with a nonphysical connection, I did not need to be physically present to help them. I could do it on the telephone.

To my surprise and delight, I discovered that any and every woman I worked with could, to some extent, access the energetic connection between her and her baby. Some women, who had highly developed intuition and connection to the spiritual world, could reach this connection more easily than others. But every woman I worked with, pregnant or waiting to conceive, could feel this connection and sense into either her physical baby or its soul.

Most exciting, many women could actually receive words or specific impressions from this connection. It appeared that, with practice, most women could actually dialogue with their babies. These dialogues varied from simple messages of reassurance and love to in-depth instructions on the baby's purpose in life and how to raise the baby after birth. On several occasions, the baby was able to communicate some immediate problem or discomfort that the mother was then able to address.

While my practice and one-on-one sessions are deeply satisfying, I am aware that there are millions of women in this country alone who have never heard of the field of prenatal cognition. I want to get the news out about the ability of parents to communicate with these incarnating souls--and the importance of those communications--to more potential mothers and fathers than I can reach in my individual practice. Therefore I am writing a book about my techniques of connection and communication with babies before birth.

My dream is that one day we will have fertility clinics that address the whole concept of fertility, as well as prenatal clinics for pregnant women and their families that address every aspect of pregnancy. These clinics would be staffed with hands-on energy healers, acupuncturists, massage therapists, psychologists, and yoga teachers, as well as medical doctors, midwives, and nurses. The clinic staff would recognize that conceiving and growing a baby are much more than physical processes, but involve the mind, the emotions, and the soul. To that day, then, is this work dedicated.


(1) Brennan, Barbara, Light Emerging (Bantam, 1993), p. 184

(2) ibid., p. 184


Penny Chang can be reached by email at

Her center is:
The Healing Heart Space
Charlottesville, Virginia


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