Pre-Birth Communication


What is Pre-Birth Communication? It's something that many people experience, yet very few talk about -- the sense that somehow we are in contact with a being who is not yet born! It may be a vivid dream, the touch of an invisible presence, a telepathic message announcing pregnancy, or many other types of encounter. It is a mystery, one that challenges our ideas about ourselves and our children. Click here for a short introductory article.

This is a resource center for sharing information about Pre-Birth Communication. Here you'll find articles, book reviews, links to other sites of interest, and letters from readers describing their own experiences.  You can dip into my books, Stories of the Unborn Soul: The mystery and delight of Pre-Birth Communication, and Soul Trek: Meeting Our Children on the Way to Birth.

Have you sensed contact from a child before birth or before conception? I would love to hear about it! By telling our stories, we can bring this amazing dimension of parenthood out into the open. Please consider sharing your experience, and let me know whether I may publish it here, either anonymously or with your first or full name.

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Stories from readers are shared in "Letters"  

Visit the Treasury of Resource for book reviews and excerpts - an extensive guide to what's available on the subject of Pre-Birth Communication and related interests.

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