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Table of Contents. . . with a link to an excerpt

Part I Meeting Before Birth: The Varieties of Experience

1: Coming to Conception

2: Crossing The Threshold

3: Annunciations: "I'm Here!"

4: In the Pregnant Dreamworld

5: Voices and Visions

6: They Seemed to Name Themselves

7: Body Language

8: The Essence of Her Personality

9: A Presence (click to go to the excerpt)


Part II The Cooperative Bond

10: Invitations

11: Persuasion: "I Want To Be With You"

12: Pilgrim Souls and Possible Children

13: Beyond Biology: The Adoption Bond

14: Help and Reassurance

15: Through the Birth Door

16: Reservations


Part III Door of Death, Door of Birth

17: Meeting Beyond Death

18: Miscarriage: Grieving and Gift

19: Making Sense of Miscarriage

20: Angels and Other Friends


Part IV Wonder and Mystery

21: Where Do You Come From?

22: When Do Soul and Body Join?

23: Who Are You?

24: To Teach, To Heal, To Love

25: Receptivity


From Chapter Nine, "A Presence". . .


How does it feel when a "spirit child" visits? A thread that runs through so many stories is the love that is experienced with these contacts.

"A great feeling of love washed over me as if pouring over my head. . . the sensation of great all-encompassing love was overwhelming." Expressions like this recur throughout stories of pre-conception and pregnancy as well. People speak of being cuddled, hugged, soothed and surrounded by love. They mention feelings of warmth and familiarity. One mother describes the presence as feeling "like an old friend had hugged me."

In the next story, a waking vision accompanies the experience of a loving presence.

I was one month pregnant with my second child. My four year old daughter, Catherine, and I were folding laundry in the family room. Oddly enough, Catherine, who hadn't needed an afternoon nap in perhaps a year, goes to the couch and immediately falls asleep! "Some unexpected, precious time to myself," I think.

Suddenly, I feel a heaviness in the room, a presence. It becomes almost palpable, a never-before-experienced feeling of "someone" being there with me. I can laugh at the situation; am I losing my mind or what?! It lingers, heavy. I look around, finally saying out loud, "Who's there?" I continue asking and looking, laughing a little at what I must look like. Finally, a feeling; a feeling that I am in touch with something very GOOD. LOVE ITSELF.

I suddenly see an image directly in front of me of a young, fair-haired, fair-skinned man. I know he is the spirit of the child within me. I feel such a sense of love, "karmic destiny," of history between us, but yet a sense that I haven't been with him for a very long time. A someone I have deep, deep love for and a profound connection with. I now know that we are reunited as mother and son. I feel such gratitude. With tears running down my face, I say out loud, "Thank God we are together again, you and I! We're back together and my love for you runs as deep as deep comes. Welcome. Welcome back."

I quickly get up and go to another room to find paper and pen to write down what occurred. I am still emotionally overcome. When I finish writing, I pause a moment and breathe deeply. Suddenly Catherine calls my name. She's awake! I am struck by the coincidence of her brief, unexpected nap and my "visitation."

Much of what I have written today is quoted from what I wrote that afternoon. I went on to have a fair-haired, very fair-skinned boy. He's sixteen months old now and we're very close!


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