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New voices in the conversation

I want to introduce some of the people who are active in the field of pre-birth communication. My first "guest" is Kelly Meehan, MA, who specializes in pre-birth counseling and birth healing.  In her own words:

"Hello, I fell in love with your work many years ago when I entered a Psychology program in Somatic Psychology with a Pre/Perinatal Psychology crossover in Santa Barbara.  I consider myself a metaphysical woman and I am very excited to be sharing my work more deeply in the area of pre-birth connections."

Kelly has so many projects and services to offer, let me provide the link to her main website here:  There is much to discover and she is  truly a creative soul!  She adds: "I have hosted three workshops called Pre-Birth Communication the past two years and provide a service for one-on-one sessions in pre-birth connections and messages. I teach and guide women in pregnancy and conception and also work with women in birth loss of miscarriage and abortion."

A special project starting in January is Kelly's online class "Spiritual Bonding before Birth a Pre-Birth Communication Practice."  See her website for details.

In addition, Kelly has created a Facebook group for "anyone who has an open mind and open heart to learn and expand the understanding of pre-birth communication." Find it on Facebook as 'Pre-Birth Communication: The Sacred Art of Conversations.'

 Website has Articles, CDs to aid Pre-Birth Communication


Kate Street has created a website in support of her mission two missions actually:  to further awareness of pre-birth communication, and help women discover their power and intuition. She writes:

"I had an incredible pregnancy with my first son where I experienced vivid pre-birth communication. Through our communication, my son relayed to me the way he'd prefer to be born and then guided me on the steps to achieve that birth. He was my teacher, my healer, my guide, and my source of inspiration. I already had a profound respect for him when he was born and felt that we knew each other very well.

"My pregnancy and birth experience changed me forever...and opened me up to a whole world of magical possibilities that I'd never known existed. I discovered my power, my strength, and most importantly I learned to trust that little voice inside known as intuition.  I want to help other women discover their own source of power and intuition... This is why I created these meditation CD's and website"

I highly recommend a visit to Kate's website. She has posted excellent articles about pre-birth communication and her personal experiences. Her CDs, available through the website, feature her beautiful voice in guided meditation and visualization to help you connect with your child before birth (or before conception).

New from Kate!   "I've been embracing my role as a Spirit Baby Intuitive (the communication with the Spirit Baby Realm got stronger with each of my pregnancies ~ so magical!). I now have a page that includes a whole library of Spirit Baby readings addressing topics such as miscarriage, TTC (Trying to Conceive), and being pregnant after a loss. Found here:

And I'm now releasing a new product called The TTC Game-Changer Package which I'm told is a new age/energy fertility tool.  It's a 21-day experience and I'm really excited to see what transpires from it, as I've NEVER felt more powerful/blissful energy as I did when co-creating this with the Spirit Baby Realm. You can read/see more about it here:

Mostly, I'm SO EXCITED to see so many more people talking about Spirit Babies and pre-birth communication ~ it seems like more and more people are opening up to this wonderful experience."

Did a pre-birth connection save Aron Ralston?

The unforgettable story of mountaineer Aron Ralston, who amputated his own arm to free himself from a fallen boulder, turns out to have a possible pre-birth communication aspect.

By the fifth day of his ordeal, Aron is floating in and out of trance states.  He has just finished carving RIP below his name on the rock, having come to accept that he will die in this predicament. In the next moment, he finds himself stepping into a living room. “A blond three-year-old boy in a red polo shirt comes running across a sunlit hardwood floor in what I somehow know is my future home. By the same intuitive perception, I know the boy is my own. I bend to scoop him into my left arm, using my handless right arm to balance him, and we laugh together as I swing him up to my shoulder…”  (At this point, Aron has not yet realized that he actually could amputate his arm to free himself, so to have this particular vision seems highly significant to me.) He continues, “Smiling, I prance about the room… and he giggles gleefully as we twirl together.”

Now the vision blinks out and Aron is left with “a subconscious reassurance that somehow I will survive this entrapment…. Now I believe I will live.”  He adds: “That belief, that boy, changes everything for me.”  The story is recounted in Aron’s book Between a Rock and a Hard Place, as well as in the movie dramatization of his experience, 127 Hours.

Was it a visit from a future child that saved Aron’s life?

Update! From Wikipedia: August 2009, Ralston married Jessica Trusty, and their first child (Leo) was born in February, 2010.


Messages from Baby:  Louise Platt Hauck and "Soul Helpers"

Sometimes I forget that Pre-Birth Communication isn’t just about babies and their parents. According to dream researcher Robert Moss, "The unborn child communicates not only with its mother, but with receptive people in its environment, who may find themselves cast in the role of interpreters or message-carriers."  Moss calls these receptive people “soul helpers,” and observes that the information they receive is often about a change that’s needed to benefit the mother or the child, or both.

It is exciting to learn that some birth attendants have discovered how to be "soul helpers" in pregnancy and labor. "Joy" (not her real name) is a nurse midwife in private practice. In sharing her story, she hopes others will be encouraged to believe that they may truly be hearing from the unborn child. Says Joy:

"Occasionally an unborn baby of one of my patients 'talks' to me telepathically. Most often this happens during labor to suggest some position change to make descent easier, or to tell me of a change in maternal blood pressure, maternal fever, and so on. This information always proves true and often shortens labor. Sometimes the 'talking' happens during prenatal office visits to tell me of something affecting the mother at home that I wouldn't know otherwise, such as drug abuse, domestic violence, or extreme stress. I use the information to bring up the subject nonchalantly with the mother and we talk about options from there. These communications do not happen with every baby, seem to be for specific purposes, and end abruptly with the delivery of the baby's head, almost as if it has passed through some veil and communication is not possible for me now.

"At least three times I have heard a joyful 'I'm coming! I'm coming right now!' as the baby makes a rapid descent and precipitous delivery. I am rushing to the bedside fumbling with my gloves. I ask the baby, 'Would you please wait until I get my gloves on?' The reply is always the same: 'I can't. I've got to come right NOW!' I know the mothers and fathers must wonder why their nurse-midwife is bursting out laughing as their little one is entering the world but I get tickled at the baby's excited comments and insistence on rushing right out!"

Midwives and other birth attendants are not the only people who may find themselves acting as soul helpers. Louise Platt Hauck, an intuitive spiritual counselor, is frequently contacted in her work by an unborn soul who uses her receptivity to send messages to its future parents. This can happen during the pregnancy or even before the child has been conceived. Louise describes the first time a baby-to-be dropped in on one of her sessions. "I always accepted the concept that we choose our own parents," she says. "I always felt that my life followed an intentional plan that began even before my birth. For me, it was just that—a feeling—but my feeling was confirmed the first time a soul on the Other Side showed me he was coming to this prospective parent—my client who sat before me—and told me why she was chosen."

Louise’s inspiring books contain stories illustrating how children-to-be may communicate for several different reasons. Sometimes they reassure their prospective parents about choices that are being made, thus demonstrating their awareness of even the details of the family environment.  For example, one soul telepathically told Louise that he was glad his mother had just moved the crib "over to the wall with the blue wallpaper by the window, because he was going to like lots of light." Some identify themselves and reveal other-lifetime connections with their new parents, as family members or friends. They may communicate what they plan to accomplish in the new life. And intriguingly, they may describe objects that are likely to be returned to them or specify incidents that will occur in their future, to help confirm the reality of these contacts. 

To my delight—because I am always on the lookout for confirming evidence—Louise has mentioned that on occasions when she meets a child for whom she has interpreted before the child was born, "They do seem to recognize or remember, on some level of consciousness, that we met when they were still in spirit!"

I highly recommend Louise Platt Hauck's books: Beyond Boundaries: The Adventures of a Seer; Fearless Future: A Map Through an Uncertain Present; and Heart-Links: Inspiring Personal Stories That Explore Our Powerful Ability to Communicate with Our Lost Loved Ones. Her fascinating stories and clairvoyant perspective help us to sense realities "beyond boundaries," and almost—almost!—to grasp the illusory nature of time.  For more information, visit her website, where you can even find photos of some of her "reunions" with babies for whom she interpreted before their arrival.

For more about the midwife "Joy," with a startling case history that caused her abilities to expand dramatically, see Chapter Eight in my Stories of the Unborn Soul.

Quote from Robert Moss is from Dreaming True, NY: Pocket Books, 2000, p.171.

Angel Babies: Messages from Miscarried and Other Lost Babies

Released after years of thoughtful investigation, Patricia McGivern’s Angel Babies is a welcome addition to the number of books that attest to the reality of soul. Patricia builds her case on the experiences of real people, including her own, without reference to any religious framework. Her well-written book has gained the coveted title of “Editor’s Choice” from the publisher, iUniverse.

 Angel Babies is a book that almost did not happen. Because she didn’t consider herself a writer, Patricia doubted her ability to do the work. Still, the initial impulse –and a lot of follow-up nudges—came from an irresistible source: her own miscarried child, Dillon.

 Four years after the early miscarriage, Patricia awoke hearing a child’s voice exclaim, “I’m right here! I’m right here!”  A sequence of further experiences convinced her that she was being visited by the soul of her lost child, and that he specifically wanted her to write about the continued existence of souls beyond death. Eventually she gave in, began to study the evidence, and gathered accounts from other people with similar experiences. Their stories are in the book, and include comforting connections with babies lost to miscarriage, abortion, stillbirth, and early death due to prematurity.

 Patricia reports that she is working on a second book, and is interested in receiving new stories. Additional evidence may suggest answers to the intriguing questions these experiences raise. Does every miscarriage, however early, leave us with a child growing up in the world of spirit? Why do some “lost babies” appear to maintain a bond with their potential parents? Patricia wisely refrains from formulating any premature theory about how it all works, beyond affirming her belief that “my loved ones are still watching over me and remain strongly bonded to me through love.” Once the existence of the soul world is accepted, perhaps the next adventure is to look for ways to imagine and understand its workings. We wish Patricia McGivern success in her continued investigations.

Contact Patricia through her website,

 Spirit Babies

I want to announce and welcome an important book. In Spirit Babies: How to Communicate with the Child You're Meant to Have (Delta 2005), clairvoyant and healer Walter Makichen gives us detailed descriptions of how he perceives the presence of unborn souls as they approach their future parents, interact with them, and eventually join the physical dimension. I am often asked how we can connect with our potential children, and now I am happy to have a resource that I can recommend. Spirit Babies is clear, unpretentious, and full of practical exercises and meditations to help make the connection.

It is wonderful to find here corroboration of many findings from the stories shared with me over the years--for example, the evidence that a soul whose unborn body is lost to miscarriage or abortion may return to the same mother in a later pregnancy. I especially appreciate the absence of religious dogma in Makichen's book. This is a picture of the soul relationships within families that agrees with what I've seen in parents' experiences of pre-birth communication.

My only disagreement with Walter Makichen is his contention that children are unlikely to have memories of their pre-conception existence. I would argue that young children around two and three years of age often do seem to remember where they were "before." This quibble aside, Spirit Babies is an intriguing, enlightening book and highly recommended.

Free to download: Soul Bonding During Pregnancy

A valuable resource has been donated to this website for free downloading! Soul Bonding During Pregnancy is just twenty-five pages long, but it can open the door to a new experience of pregnancy. It is the result of the collaboration of two women, Pamela Hickein and Bridget Luise Esswein, each of them expert in a different form of prenatal education. (To learn about Pamela's ongoing work in this field, visit The Whole Child Institute.) As explained in the Introduction: "To Bridget, a midwife from Germany, prenatal education meant natural childbirth preparation classes -- helping parents with the physical, spiritual, emotional and mental transition into parenthood. For Pamela, prenatal education encompassed something a little different -- a Japanese prenatal infant learning program taught to babies via the mother through intuitive right-brain communication."

In a reassuring and loving style, you are guided through twelve "Exercises for intuitive, creative right-brain communication." Each one is an inspired adventure in connecting with the unborn child. Here is a small portion of the exercise titled "A New World":

Choose a sound which is a part of daily life, for example, the vacuum cleaner or blender. Connect with the baby. Send him your love and attention. Say, "I'm turning the vacuum cleaner on now." Send him the image of its shape and sound. Breathe calmly and tell him in words or thoughts, "Close your ears. You do not need to let in the sound." You can even image a blue light around you, the womb and the baby's ears. While vacuuming you can frequently stop and pat your tummy, and tell him that everything is okay.

The authors of Soul Bonding During Pregnancy (which is no longer available in print) have generously made it available for free downloading. It is a 3.26 Megabyte Acrobat file. Here is the link:

        Soul Bonding During Pregnancy

 Double click to download for viewing or printing out, or Right-click and choose "save target as" if you wish to save the file to your own computer. Thank you Pamela and Bridget!

From my Bedside Table

One of the perks of working in the pre-birth communication field is to receive books and CD's from others involved in the field. Since I've been away from my website for a while, I've allowed a small pile of gifts to gather, and it's long overdue that I should mention some of them.

Anita Billi gathered compelling stories of "paranormal events" such as spirit visitations, and used them to illustrate what is really an overview of soul experience before and after earth life. Afterlifefromabove: Healings of a Paranormal Nature (2006) is warm and inspiring, its confident tone based upon Anita's personal credo. Her own experiences are among the most interesting of all.

Several years ago, Robert Schwartz embarked on a project to answer the question, "Do we plan our life challenges before birth?" This became the subtitle of his book Courageous Souls (2007). In the course of his research, he enlisted psychics and mediums to explore the pre-birth scenarios of his subjects, people contending with a variety of challenges such as illness, loss, and addiction. The most interesting cases (in my view) are those where people have their own apparent memories of pre-birth planning. Courageous Souls is beautifully written and thought-provoking.  

New Website for Sarah Hinze

Sarah Hinze, author of Coming From the Light, The Castaways and more, maintains a website and blog at dedicated to the study of pre-birth experience. Here you will find information about her two most recent books, Songs of the Morning Stars and We Lived in Heaven (both 2006). With these books, Sarah continues her pioneering work of gathering and sharing the stories that speak of soul existence before birth.

Virtual Support Group for Pre-Birth Memory

People who recall their existence before birth (even before conception) are often surprised and relieved to discover others with similar experiences. Michael and Toni Maguire, webmasters of Spiritual Pre-Existence, maintain an expanding list of people with soul memories who would like to connect with others for added support and insight. For information, visit Michael and Toni's fascinating website!

While Children Sleep

A pediatrician has created a website to share information about "sleep-talking." This unconventional form of therapy has been showing surprising results for clients who have tried it with their children, says Dr. Rhodora Damaso Diaz. She explains:

"Either from desperation or inspiration, I suddenly decided to try having mothers talk to their troubled children when the young ones were asleep. A depressed infant who rarely smiled, another who had very violent behavior and still another who refused to suck unless he was asleep--all improved after their mothers talked to them in a loving way and sometimes apologized for presumed shortcomings. Several had irrational fears and apparently lost them after one to three 'sessions.'

"Was it the mothers' changed attitude towards the children, or was it really just the talking? I want to know more and to tell others. It would be great if people can write about their own experiences. I am willing to give a customized 'script' for each one who needs it, but I will need some information, and not necessarily names."

Dr. Diaz's website is While Children Sleep.  She welcomes information, personal experiences, and questions about the 'sleep-talking' technique. Dr. Diaz adds, "I find that as I have more stories of success, more parents come into the office with other problems that do not seem to be easily managed with psychotherapy and usual discussions. Fortunately, many are open to trying this unconventional 'therapy' and come back enthusiastic about it."

Wise Man Builds Bridge Over Quagmire

I've never met the dean of consciousness research Dr. Charles T. Tart, Ph.D., but I'll always think of him affectionately as Charley Tart - partly because back at UC Santa Cruz that's how the professors referred to him, but also because of my warm regard for the man. I'm grateful to the respected scientist who was daring enough in 1969 to publish Altered States of Consciousness, a lifeline for those of us who were experiencing and experimenting with those states. And you've got to love a guy who titled another of his books Open Mind, Discriminating Mind - virtually the motto I try to live by.

Many people seem to think "open mind" and "discriminating mind" are the battle cries of two opposing armies. And so we have the tedious "believer vs. skeptic" confrontations that all too often turn communications on the internet into a quagmire. Dr. Tart has come up with a project that promises to help us out of this limiting standoff. It's a new online journal called TASTE - The Archives of Scientists' Transcendent Experiences. Says Dr. Tart:

"Over the years I have had hundreds of fellow scientists from all sorts of fields quietly come up to me at meetings or write or phone me - when they had decided I was safe - to tell me about their unusual experiences apparently going beyond everyday reality, challenging our concepts of what the world is. These were experiences that intrigued them and/or were emotionally important to them, but which they could not tell to their colleagues or friends for fear of rejection or ridicule. ... These transcendent experiences have included things such as: altered states of consciousness (ASCs), often involving new kinds of apparent knowledge and insights; deep feelings of connection with life or the universe; the apparent paranormal/psychic overcoming of ordinary barriers to communication; various kinds of apparent transcendence of our ordinary physical selves."

Who would have guessed that scientists, so intimidating at times to the non-scientist, are actually shy people, timid about confessing that they too have come up against the mysterious, the strange... the transcendent? Where does this inhibition come from? Dr. Tart explains:

"As scientists, we have discovered a body of precisely observed factual data about the world, created a lot of good theories that make sense of much of that data - and we are part of a cultural heritage of scientism. Sociologists coined the term 'scientism' back in the 1940s, when they realized that many scientists unthinkingly accepted many scientific theories as simple, unquestioned Truths, just like believers in any 'ism,' and thus we often acted like any prejudiced 'believer,' especially outside our immediate areas of expertise.

"This all-too-human narrowness is a significant distorting factor when dealing with the area of life roughly called transcendent, used primarily in the sense of 'extending or lying beyond the limits of ordinary experience...'

"Sometimes being able to tell me about such experiences in confidence has gotten them off people's chests or even been 'therapeutic' (although I'm not a therapist). Sometimes I've been able to give scientific information about these experiences that relieves the reporter, producing a reaction something like: 'Oh, it happens to other sane people? There's an established name for it? I'm not alone, it doesn't mean I'm crazy?!' And often the reaction is further on the order of 'We only know it happens? But we don't know why? Why aren't we intensively researching these things? I ought to research it, but I can't, I would be. . .' (reasons to not research it have included being laughed at and rejected, thought crazy, not getting tenure, losing a job, couldn't get any results published, etc.).

"The TASTE project is an attempt to work toward rectifying this strange, scientistic situation where too many people are forced to deny or repress parts of their own human experience. These Archives are an online journal performing the essential scientific function of full and honest communication of data in this badly neglected area."


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