Welcome to our Bookshop. 

We are in the process of converting to a new online system for payment. In the meantime, you can order any of the books with a personal check to:

Light Hearts Publishing
Box 705
Hamilton MT 59840

Please add $3.00 for shipping/handling for each book ordered.   At present, only orders from the USA can be filled.

Stories of the Unborn Soul 
Soul Trek 
Two-book Set 
In the Newborn Year
Still Mystified

Still Mystified: The Poems in my Life . . . $12.95*


Stories of the Unborn Soul: The Mystery and Delight of Pre-Birth Communication . . . $18.95*




SOUL TREK: Meeting Our Children on the Way to Birth . . . $14.95*



Special!  Two-book set: Stories of the Unborn Soul and Soul Trek . . . $28.95*



IN THE NEWBORN YEAR: Our Changing Awareness After Childbirth . . .$10.95*



*plus a shipping and handling charge


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