A Poetry Page

      I am so happy to be able to share my poetry in Still Mystified: The Poems in my Life.

Here is a sample from the book ~ 

  (a different poem will appear from time to time)



Mother Was a Warrior

My mother was a warrior poet;
she stayed with the words
fed them all her life
they were a string of fine horses
Gentled to her will
curried to high gloss
she rode them forever over the long hills
over an ocean of pink Montana grass

Until unaccountably
they reverted to wild
broke down the fences
vanished into the badlands

At eighty, way too weary
to track the fugitives
she stayed by the big window
tracing informations in the clouds

But I think maybe now she is riding a spirit horse
over the long hills around Lolo
skimming the sentient grass with no need of a bridle
no need of her warrior's will.


Still Mystified: the Poems in my Life is available now from our Bookshop

Like my other books, it is also carried by Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com and Booksamillion.com, or you can request it through your favorite local bookstore.

I am wonderfully honored to have one of my poems selected for the printed anthology, Poets Against the War! This anthology includes poems from the best known American poets as well as unknowns like myself, chosen from the approximately 13,000 poems submitted to the site. It is from Amazon.com and other online sources, and bookstores everywhere.


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