Meeting Our Children on the Way to Birth

Pre-Birth Communication: the mysterious sense of contact with children yet to be born. SOUL TREK, by Elisabeth Hallett, is the first book to describe the full range of these intimate experiences -- from the "reassuring kick" in pregnancy, to visionary meetings, dreams, inner conversations, and more. Through wonder-filled stories from many parents, SOUL TREK explores our connections with our children before birth -- and before conception.

"A rich tapestry of personal stories of mothers and fathers who have been drawn -- by their children -- to the spiritual frontiers of birth and death. To the open-minded reader, these stories will be full of good news about the true dimensions of the human spirit." -- David Chamberlain, Ph.D.


You are invited to sample the Introduction, skim the Table Of Contents which includes a selection to enjoy, and browse through more comments from readers, below. . .

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Some comments from readers and reviewers. . .

"What a lovely, moving, inspiring, reassuring book! I'm so impressed with the balanced way you present the material, not overly skeptical or carelessly accepting. A beautiful piece of work. Almost every paragraph brings forth memories, dreams, hopes, and thoughts." -- Jan Hunt, M.Sc.

This collection of stories feels so person to person, none of the academic, scientific filtering, just beautifully basic revelations. What an enormously valuable contribution to new parents! The way you present it, your observations and comments, are terrific, but the best part is that you stepped aside to let so many people speak for themselves. I wish I'd known all this when I was pregnant - but at least my children have it. Thank you so much!" -- Lesta Bertoia

"SOUL TREK is a work of the heart. It sheds a beautiful light on the process of souls coming to earth." -- Joyce and Barry Vissell, authors of Models of Love and Risk to Be Healed

"There's really nothing new about a mother communicating with her child before its birth; it's just that no one has ever documented the fact so exhaustively. This book demonstrates the pervasiveness of a phenomenon that is just as intriguing as near-death experiences. I found it impossible to put down; personal accounts of many women (and a few men) tell of encounters with their children before birth, even before conception! What is remarkable is the variety of ways in which parents received communication; some had vivid dreams, others visions, some just a strange feeling. The loveliest aspect of these stories is the voices of the children: agonizingly pure, but with an earthy practicality... Mysterious, joyful, and touching." -- NAPRA ReView

"From soul entries to prenatal communications, and birth agreements to visionary images of the unborn children, SOUL TREK breaks ground in virgin psychic territory. Funny, magical, touching, wondrous, these tales reiterate the seamlessness of eternity, of the plan of life. Parenthood and its multi-dimensional implications appear here in a new light, as a spiritual frontier for those who choose to look to their children and birth as another shining portal to the Beyond." -- Heart Dance

"Elisabeth Hallett has done a miraculous job of uncovering the mysteries of this journey both prior to conception through to the 'birth door' and into the outside world itself... I couldn't get enough of this book and thoroughly read it from cover to cover. A must read for all women (and dads too!) who plan on, or who are currently blessed with a growing child inside of them!" -- EAGLEye

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